Berlin Wall to be installed inside Chicago

Chicago’s 47th ward Alderman Gene Schulter sent me an email about how the Berlin Wall is going to be installed at the Brown Line Western Avenue stop.

Last year, through my work with the German Consul General and local German cultural groups, the German Government provided the city with a section of the Berlin Wall to be permanently displayed in the 47th Ward. Over the past two weeks, the Chicago Transit Authority has been hard at work creating a permanent display in the Western Brown Line Station in the heart of Lincoln Square. This will be the only display of its kind in the Midwest and I am very excited about this opportunity host it in our community.

The display will be located adjacent to the Western Avenue side of the station and will showcase the two sides of the wall. The exhibit will also feature historical information surrounding the erection of the Wall during the Cold War and the symbolic reconnection of Germany in the late eighties.

I would like to thank the CTA for their enthusiasm and assistance in creating a space for this permanent exhibit. I would also like to thank Matt Lodge of Lashett’s German Inn, Mark Matuschka of Continental Contractors, and Joe Bradtke of Bradtke Antique Movers for their invaluable assistance in transporting the piece of the Wall to the Western Station.

Best Wishes,

Alderman Gene Schulter

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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

Unfortunate that it will be part of a CTA station, especially since the CTA is going under. I hope there is another plan for where it will be on display once the entire transit system is dismantled. A former roommate of mine had a piece of the Berlin wall that he got when he was in Berlin. There was a lot of speculation here that it wasn’t real. Too bad people weren’t handing out Certificates of Authenticity at the time the wall was coming down. Maybe Hasselhoff should have been filling those out instead of singing. The world would be a better place today if he had. ;o)

15 years ago

Hey Matt, remember when Kristina visited Berlin shortly after the wall came down and she got us pieces of the wall. It’s one of my prized possessions.

15 years ago

With the ever-growing establishment of graffiti as an artform, the Berlin Wall plays a significant role in the history of this art.

15 years ago

Cool except for the part of it being associated with the CTA. You know that’s not going to work out well long-term.

15 years ago

my piece of the berlin wall is covered with white paint symbolizing a lot of stuff.

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