Best of Chicago 2023, available through Issuu

The Best of Chicago 2023 is now published in the Chicago Reader. You can read the various articles by webpages. There are a lot of webpages, so it’s a little tricky navigating around.

Or you can view the print edition online through issuu.

The print version downloadable is you go to the Issuu website. (Note: there is no download button when you view the PDF on the Chicago Reader website. You have to be on Issuu’s site for the dowload button to appear). The Chicago Reader’s print edition is free. So it’s great they make the PDF available to download.

I was checking this issue out, because I wanted to see if a particular bookstore won the “Best Bookstore” category. Bookies Chicago advertises on WXAV, the radio station that my cousin manages. I even have a Bookies t-shirt. Sadly, they did not win.

I couldn’t find the “Best Bookstore” in the myriad of webpages online. Instead, I was able to search through their Issuu edition. I found it right away—page 24. Hallejuah for PDFs. Back in 1996, my college design professor said the future of the internet was going to be interlinked PDF files. (which of course, didn’t entirely come true)

Bookies Chicago did not win.

At least The Book Cellar got first runner-up. That was my bookstore when I lived in Lincoln Square. They have lots of nice hand-written reviews that hang from the shelves.

And guest speakers like Jeffrey Brown of the Star Wars comics and Change-Bots.

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