The best post office in Chicago

I nearly made the post office worker cry (tears of joy)

Do you have a favorite Post Office? I bet many people can list their least favorite post offices. We’ve all waited in long lines at understaffed post offices.

Let me tell you a secret. I have the best post office ever. EVER.

This wonderful land of postal workers is in downtown Chicago. Tucked away in the underground pedway, it sits underneath the Aon Center, the 7th tallest building in America.

Aon Center
Aon Center Post Office

Perhaps, because this post office is hidden underground it’s overwhelmed by every day people. Pretty much only the people who work in the office buildings above this part of the pedway know about this post office. And it’s not some smaller express version of a post office. It’s the full-on thing.

They actually have a selection of stamps in stock! This seems to be common sense that a post office would have a variety stamps in stock, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a post office that has only the American eagle stamp in their inventory.

And now a mere five days before Christmas, this post office has a selection of five different Christmas stamps available! FIVE! A coworker and I were talking about stamps—yeah, a topic that often comes up, because I have my own post office at the Chicago Tribune. I firmly believe in the variety of stamps. Thus, I keep a wide selection of stamps at my desk for my coworkers to purchase.

However, I didn’t have any Christmas stamps. Four days before Christmas, and I was about to mail my Christmas cards. One of my coworkers reminded me of the great post office we have nearby. Oh right! THAT post office. I love that post office! She even told me that they have a selection of Christmas stamps. My wife will be so happy that we’ll have actual Christmas stamps for our cards! I’ll be the hero!

While looking through the five different Christmas stamps with the Post Office clerk, I told her of this location’s preferred status. “This is my favorite post office in Chicago. I work up at the Chicago Tribune, and my coworkers agree. Really! That’s what we say. We moved out of the Tribune Tower this summer, into the Prudential Building. While we were sad to leave the Tower, we are all very glad to have such a great post office here.”

You can imagine the daily grind of being a postal employee in a post office. You get a lot of grief. People think post office locations are the worst places to visit. It would be a challenging morale to face every day. She was very pleased to hear the compliment. I hope it was a little more special coming from the Chicago Tribune, too. (Granted, I don’t officially work for the Chicago Tribune, I work for Tribune Content Agency, part of Tribune Publishing).

I walked away happily with my Christmas stamps. I’m glad that a little Christmas cheer was able to be spread around.

Got the Christmas stamps! The Aon Center Post Office is the best!!!

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