Billboard art by Doug Fogelson


(above image is a blog post by chicagoartmagazine)

Great idea to rent billboards. I wonder how effective the abstract subject matter is to the general public. Often we forget that the general public does not interpret art the same as formally trained artists.

The idea behind the blurred image referencing contemporary street art is interesting, but only when knows that it’s referencing contemporary street art. I don’t think the average joe will realize that when looking at these billboards.

After looking through some of the links in this blog post about Doug’s work (Chicago Art Magazine, Time Out Chicago, and New City), he displays some great abstract art that alludes to certain things. I wish that these billboards attained that same level of allusion.

Then again, maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps the general public does get some interpretive meaning out of this. But I’m betting most people just say “oh that’s some mistake.” That would be too bad, because it looks like there is much more effort by Doug behind this project.

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