Bingoo is a word, that’s happy!

I found a new blog that is full of fun happiness. While leaving my first comment on the delightful intergalactic croquet photo, my captcha said, “bingoo.” Who knew that “bingoo” is a word! Oh captcha how you can bring about such fun words. Especially when they are coupled with super fun blog posts like this one.

Bingoo is a word, that's happy!

The above screenshot is from Lisa Rupp’s blog post “Bicycle Wedding” from her blog “That’s Happy.” Please check out that blog post as it’s got some super fun photos of a bicycle wedding.

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

Does that mean the PkrnoOl is also a word? Maybe it’s a new pharmaceutical or something discovered in the Amazon Rain Forest Interesting side note: captcha here products51. Hmm … I wonder if those are pharmaceutical products

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