Art that transforms under blacklight

Canadian passport when held under UV light

via Reddit

Canadians know how to party. Everyone got your passport? Turn on the black lights… and… LET’S PARTY!!! The Canadian passport comes alive under black light.

The regular image under normal light is so staid and traditional. The clock tower building is the The Parliament of Canada, seated at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Shine some UV light on the official Parliament building, and fireworks EXPLODE, the building becomes a fluorescent green.

Kudos to Canada to doing something so fun with an official, serious, piece of documentation.

This reminds me when I did blacklight art in art college. Under normal light, you see a three-foot long painting of a rave party. Here’s a really old and crappy image I took in the late 90s of the painting.

Blacklight party

Shine the blacklight onto the art, and the people transform into a sweeping motion of pulsing rhythm. I wish I have an image of this under the black light.

Are there other examples of blacklight art transformations?

I’m googling: blacklight before after. There are only example of brightly colored blacklight art. That stuff is cool, I guess. But I really want the TRANSFORMATION. Where there is a significant difference between the before image and the after image, like in the Canada passport.

A Google image search for: uv hidden messages art gives mostly images that have writing revealed. The writing is pretty basic like, “hello!” or literally “top secret”. Hrmmm.

Here’s one image that came up from instructables, a drawing of a skeleton bones on a hand. Kinda cool.

Have you come across any interesting UV / Blacklight art?

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