Blog birthdays

From the list of my friends’ blogs, I looked up everyone’s first blog post. Here they are sorted by oldest to newest:

12/15/98: Hamblog

09/15/00: Supah

04/25/01: Jotsheet


05/13/02: Deep Fun

06/19/02: Confessions of a Foodie

01/07/03: Hello, my name is Scott

01/21/03: Googamook

01/21/03: Spinninghead

05/02/04: Erik Maldre, Unlikelymoose

10/01/04: Eegons

11/04/05: Chris Kalani

02/19/06: Ironic Sans

02/26/06: Noel Maguigad

07/02/06: Chicagoscope

08/22/06: John Lee

09/23/06: PaperGirl

12/30/06: The Hot Iron

02/28/07: Jimi Allen Photography

05/16/07: Fishes and Kisses

(for descriptions of these blogs, check out the post “My friends’ blogs.”

My oh, my some people have been blogging for quite some time! If you want you can add this to your google calendar, subscribe via iCal, or RSS feed:

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16 years ago

you were telling me about this idea about a week ago. I thought you were talking about getting the birthdays of the bloggers themselves. Like my birthday is 11/20/75. The birthdays of the blogs themselves are much more interesting. It seems like i’ve had a blog alot longer than three years. It’s weird to think that you’ve had a blog for three years while I didn’t have one at all.

Mike Maddaloni
16 years ago

So I am one of the younger ones from the blog standpoint, but from the human side I may be one of the oldest, especially as written on my blog this past Saturday. 🙂 mp/m

16 years ago

Yay! I’m mentioned in here. 🙂

16 years ago

Oh my, I “win”, I suppose. Those early entries (what did I even call them in those days?) are really cringe-worthy, but historical in some way. I’ll have a 10-year anniversary next January — and you’re all invited! –hambox

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

You got it! My blog is 5 and my website is 10 this year! How cwazy is that!? I thought you were talking about blogger’s birthdays at first too ;o)

16 years ago

08/11/04 is when I started my site (not my blog though) that’s coming up here, we should have a bash! haha.

16 years ago

My blog is 5 months old today! Maybe I should stop neglecting the poor infant and post to it more often. . . .

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