Blogrolls making a comeback?

Do you remember when blogs used to have a list of links to other people’s blogs? This list usually appeared in the sidebar of a blog’s homepage. They have disappeared over the years in favor of a cleaner homepage design. But blogrolls actually serve more of a function than simply a list.

Dave Winer (the creator of RSS) recently wrote about blogrolls

Blogrolls may have seemed silly to outsiders, even to the bloggers of the day, but they were the first step after basic writing on the web (blogs) that led to the social web we’re using here on Twitter, Mastodon, Threads, Bluesky or Facebook. The blogroll says “these are the sites and people I follow.”

He looks back to when he had a blogroll on his site, He estimates it was from August 2000 to August 2004.

My site, had a blogroll on the homepage October 2002. Most likely, I had a blogroll when I started my blog in September 2001. However, doesn’t have my blog saved that far back. The blogroll on my site lasted until September 2014. I’m not sure why I removed the blogroll from the site. Maybe I was cleaning things up. In the middle of that time period, I made a post in 2007 giving my personal explanation behind each of the blogs in my blogroll.

In the spirit of Dave Winer bringing back the blogroll, I added a blogroll section on my homepage with links to blogs I read frequently.

Explanations for each link in my blogroll

Diverse Tech Geek by Anthony Dean
Anthony covers tech/media and comic books. It’s a nice mix. He has been a regular reader of my blog for years, so I like to reciprocate and read and comment on his blog regularly. by Greg Allen
He posts quirky things about art. Some in-depth research on random art topics. A mix of contemporary and historical.

Inveterate note taker by Chris Aldrich
He’s my inspiration for keeping a digital garden.

Ironic Sans by David Friedman
Back in 2007, I wrote about Ironic Sans, “One of the few blogs out there that consistently has interesting, original ideas.” It still holds true 14 years later.

Making Culture by Anil Dash

Marginalian by Maria Popova
I should read her stuff more often. Whenever I want something thoughtful and philosophical, I turn to her site.

Meta-Spiel by Phil Huckleberry
Phil writes a weekly newsletter where he beautifully threads together several different topics into one flow. It’s genius. He also attended my college at the same time I did. I remember him being a creative force in the cafeteria.

Minimalist philosopher of business by Derek Sivers

Moonshot Thinking by Ozan Varol

On my Om by Om Malik
Nice thoughtful analysis of media.

One newsletter at a time by CJ Chilvers

Pluralistic by Cory Doctorow

Ramblings of a Chicagoan by Pete
My cousin. His blog hasn’t been updated in a while. But I look forward to the day when he does update. This list is for blogs, but I’ll mention his radio show Rockology every Wednesday on WXAV at 9am-11am CT. by Dave Winer
Dave is one of my true inspirations to blog more. Just write and get it out there. He’s a large reason why I continue to post regularly today. I also was into his work back in the early 2000s with blogs and RSS feeds.

Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Simply amazing analysis.

Tedium by Ernie Smith
Ernie does a fantastic job writing about vintage tech and how it applies today. The amount of research he does for each post is simply amazing.

The Future, Now and Then by Dave Karpf

The Hot Iron by Mike Maddaloni
This is another blog that I’ve been following since my original blogroll in the early 2000s. My original blogroll listing for him says, “A journal on business, technology and occasional diversions”. I’m glad he continues to blog occasionally.

Unlikelymoose by Erik Maldre
My twin brother. He’s no longer blogging. Now he’s on Instagram. My blogroll contains only active blogs, but I make the exception for him (and my cousin).

Where’s Your Ed At by Ed Zitron

Writer who draws by Austin Kleon
What an amazing guy. He writes about his creative process and does it so consistently.

Did your blog not appear on this list?

Oops! My bad. Let me know in the comments.

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Mike Maddaloni
2 months ago

Hey Matt – I am honored to be on your blogroll, then and now!

Recently a colleague in India was talking about Webrings – remember those? With the retreat of sorts from social media, perhaps the original social network – blogs – will rise again?!


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