Getting a BOOM boomerang

Boom photo by Caitlin Wynne on Unsplash

Have you ever used the interjection “BOOM!” when you think you are right, but actually you aren’t? If someone corrects your BOOM, they boomeranged you.

Last weekend, I was explaining something to my three-year-old daughter. At the end of the explanation I confirmed it with a “BOOM!”

But then she corrected me and gave the real explanation. At the end of her explanation she said, “Daddy you are not boom. I am boom.”

And she was right. She returned my BOOM with her BOOM.

So I said, “BOOMERANG! I tried to boom you, but you actually boomed me, so that’s a boomerang.”

Boomerang is when someone booms you back, and that person is correct.
I got boomeranged.

Is that a real phrase? Based on the first 14 definitions for boomerang on urbandictionary, it looks like this is not a thing. We can make it a thing.

Photo by Caitlin Wynne on Unsplash

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