Bowing down to the G5 Apple computer

A couple weeks ago I changed desks at work, and got a G5 computer (zippy!). Instead of turning it on via the keyboard, I reach down below my desk to hit the “on” button on the computer tower. Every morning I start off my work day by bowing down to my computer, which seems a bit odd. Instead I’m using that bowing action as a reminder to say a prayer to God to start off my work day. 🙂

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Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

Where do you sit now? I’d like to know so I can visualize you at work. I guess my visualization has been wrong the last several weeks!

laura k.
laura k.
16 years ago

I only have a G4 at work. But I’m just an intern. The “real” designers all have G5s [one has a G5 iMac”>. I’m on the “intern computer.” Congrats on your upgrade!

16 years ago

i have a g5. It sits proudly on my desk. You really shouldn’t have your computer under your desk. Its life will be shortened. I did a fair amount of system administration (techie) for a couple years and the computers with the most problems were the ones that were in a dirty environment, like under a desk. Also, are you shutting down your computer each night, spud? You don’t need to do so with OS X. It’s better to let it be each night. There are internal maintenance tasks that OS X performs late at night on a scheduled basis. If you shut down, the OS will not be able to run those tasks.

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