Bubble Matic: possibly the most incredible Hot Wheels crossover ever

Hot Wheels has produced some crazy crossovers.

Toaster trucks, GoPro cars, and Hot Dog racers may be totally cool; but the coolest car ever has got to be the Bubble Matic™.

Bubble Matic™

Today while shopping at Target, I could not avoid this wonderful car with a functioning bubble blower! You pull up the bubble blower, dip it into some bubble solution, and blow out BUBBLES!

Bubble Matic Hot Wheels Experimotors car
Special feature on Bubble Matic, an operating bubble wand

I can’t wait to try it out and see if bubble come out when I roll the car on the ground. My three-year-old daughter LOVES bubble blowing. And I love Hot Wheels. This car is a great union between these two loves.

Back of Hot Wheels Bubble Matic packaging card

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