doesn’t think bloggers are writers? doesn't like blogs is a pretty cool site featuring short stories. I wanted to join and post some of my short stories from my blog. I have good stories, right?

However, on their “submit a link” page they say, “Byliner showcases new and classic feature articles, so no image or blog post links, please.” Snaaaap. No love for the blogs. I understand they want quality writing on their site. And it’s a lot easier to curate the submissions if they have already been vetted by another traditional publication. That’s their niche, and I should respect it, but I can’t help feeling left out (so please excuse the title of this blog post).

They should grab the domain and have it redirect to I would almost do it, but the joke isn’t quite worth $8. Maybe I should create a kickstarter campaign to raise the $8 to reserve the domain for a year. Oh man. And then if I get $16, I could reserve it for TWO years.

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