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New artwork every day as your Chrome’s homescreen.

Get a new painting every day as your browser’s homescreen. I love the Chrome add-on, Google Arts & Culture. They display quite a range of artwork from famous artists to lesser-known artists. And if you don’t like the particular artwork for that day, you can simply skip it by clicking the refresh option. I rarely […]

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Snowflakes on Chicago Picasso, screenshot of video

Video: Snowflakes gently landing on the Picasso in Chicago

Happy little snowflakes softly land on the cold hard metal of the Picasso sculpture. Such a beautiful scene: the contrast of the white snowflake against the dark, aged corten steel. I find this two-minute, 46-second video very calming. Nothing “happens” in this video. Just snowflakes falling down. Landing. Sitting. Then all of the sudden scooting. […]

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Surfing down the Picasso

Surfing the Chicago Picasso

Every morning I walk by the Chicago Picasso. Not just by it, but I walk right up next to it, so I can run my hand along the base. With all the snow we’ve been getting, it’s been fun seeing how the base changes. From all white covered in snow. To melting snow. To salted […]

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Turning around to take the photo

Ever see something cool along your commute, but you don’t stop to take the photo? I bet it happens to thousands of people every day. It almost happened to me today. Along my commute, I pass by the giant Picasso public sculpture in downtown Chicago. The Chicago Picasso Backside of Chicago Picasso sculpture. This sculpture […]

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Chicago behind the curtain: Christo Attacks!

Christo Attacks!

Anytime you see something wrapped in public, it’s like the artist Christo has attacked. In fact, that should be the official hashtag for photos of wrapped things in public: #ChristoAttacks! Take this statue of Thomas Jefferson (photographed by Steve Tanner). It’s completely wrapped with plastic — #ChristoAttacks! Who is Christo? Christo is the artist who […]

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#candypile hashtag on instagram

Candypile variations: Felix Gonzalez-Torres & Halloween

I regularly follow the #candypile hashtag on Instagram. Mostly to see people’s photos of Félix González-Torres’ candy pile installations at various museums. photo by oriane_trnat Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris photo by sfknycat The Met Breuer in New York photo by dmbdreamgirlat The Art Institute of Chicago The images for the #candypile hashtag change around this […]

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Collection of panoramic images photographed in Chicago

Using panoramic photo prints as origami paper

Today I was thinking about how I love photographing panoramic photos. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make origami with these panoramic images? But origami is mostly done with square-shaped paper. Not long sheets of paper. Bummer—but wait! There is something close I can do. Many origami patterns exist for dollar bills! You can […]

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