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synonyms for security guard (adobe lightroom keywords)

Fun synonyms for art museum guards

I’m brainstorming ways of describing art museum guards.  Art museum security guardArt protectorGallery attendantLaw enforcementMuseum access controlMuseum patrolMuseum protectorObserver of visitorsParcel inspectorPolicy enforcerPreventer of suspicious actionsPreventer of touchingProper propriety maintainerProperty guardProtection services officerSecuritySecurity officerVandalism deterrent My favorite might be the last one, Vandalism deterrent. It’s so true, but also feels so odd to describe that […]

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Fun art museum security guards

Fun security guards at art museums

Ever come across a fun or interesting security guard at an art museum? Here’s my encounter with a security guard at the Art Institute of Chicago sharing her love of tiny details of paintings, encouraging visitors to get closer to the artworks. After spending about ten minutes with a post-impressionist painting, over to the right […]

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Two self-portraits using xerox machine, January 15, 2020

Thoughts about xeroxing your face

A few days ago I xeroxed my face on our copier at work. The scanning bed was left open, and was just begging for something fun to be done. The copier machine at Tribune Content Agency and Chicago Magazine I did one copy of my face, then I grabbed a coworker and we each did […]

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Armitage stop to explore Lincoln Park; new to the city and first week of school — what better time to explore the stretch of Victorian row homes in Old Town, grab a bite and head to the conservatory.

The shoes of Chicago by Vickey Tesmer

If you had to pick a pair of shoes that personifies you, what shoes would they be? Artist Vicky Tesmer created a series of fine watercolors depicting a variety of Chicagoans wearing their shoes. This exhibit, “Portrait of Chicago” is up in the Chicago Cultural Center until January 10, 2020. Rappers, students, surgeons, nurses, businessmen, […]

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Artform all caps headline

Artforum loves ALL CAPS

I love you, Artforum. But I do have a little bit of a funny thing. It’s hilarious how this Artforum headline appears in all caps in Google News. All the other publishers use a standard title case or AP/Chicago/MLA style. But Artforum, the long-time traditional art magazine, has this headline appear as all caps. You […]

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Punching up the clarity, vibrance, and dehaze in Lightroom.

Photographing with a five-year-old iPhone

Most times your five-year-old iPhone works just fine as a camera. Today, I stepped off my train, and I looked up, the sunset nearly knocked me over. Whoa! So intense! I grabbed my iPhone from my pocket and snapped a few pics. Even though my iPhone 5s is well over five years old, it still […]

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Greeting cards as art

What do you do with all the greeting cards you receive? Keep them in a pile and then eventually recycle them? Perhaps you keep a hand-selected group, storing them in a box. Or maybe you put the greeting cards on display in your house. Think of that greeting card display as a display of art. […]

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