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64 recent flickr favs

Sharing favs works much better on Flickr than Instagram

I had fun faving 70 photos on Flickr tonight. I was searching street installation, pavement installation, and site specific. You can’t really make a screenshot of your favs like this on Instagram. Flickr is better than Instagram! To make this screenshot, I made the page smaller by descreasing the zoom in my Chrome browswer. I used […]

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Chart of all the Sotheby’s auctions on the night when Banksy's “Girl with Balloon” got shredded

Examining all the auctions on the night of the Banksy shredder

A Banksy painting was shredded immediately after its auction ended. Apparently, the auction house Sotheby’s didn’t know this was going to happen—or did they? Blogger Jason Bailey wrote a detailed analysis behind the Banksy shredder: Myth Busting Banksy. Was it a legit prank or complicit staging? Bailey investigates some insightful points: Examining Banky’s frame The battery […]

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Yves Klein "La Terre Bleue", 2015

Yves Klein blue globe

The artist known for his own shade of blue. Yves Klein patented International Klein Blue in 1961. He passed away one year later at age 34. During that brief time, he painted all sorts of things blue—human bodies, monochrome paintings, and body casts. His artwork continues to be posted on Artsy’s website. One of the […]

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top 100 artists on artsy October 2018

Top 100 artists on Artsy, October 2018

What are the art world’s most popular artists? One method is to look at the most-followed artists on If an artist is in a museum, gallery, or auction house, then they are most likely going to have a presence on The site does a great job of adding new artworks for current and […]

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Erik Maldre photo that looks like something by László Moholy-Nagy

Five results on Google for: “Moholy-Nagy-esque”

When something has a cool photogram/Bauhaus look, it’s “Moholy-Nagy-esque.” That is, something that looks like László Moholy-Nagy’s work. My brother Erik created this really cool image that is “Moholy-Nagy-esque”. As of right now, there are only five results on Google for this phrase.  

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2018 Topps Star Wars Masterwork GAMORREAN GUARD 1-1 SKETCH BY GLENN SAVAGE

Gamorrean Guard looks like the Chicago Bean

The roundness of this Gamorrean Guard illustration reminds me of the Chicago Bean. EVERYTHING reminds me of the Chicago Bean these days. Glenn Savage has done other sketch cards for Star Wars. The Gamorrean Guard is my favorite. This is pretty cool. I took Glenn Savage’s Gamorrean Guard sketch card deepart’ed it with my Bean […]

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Neil Armstrong’s Moon bootprint as origami crane

Reflections on the Chicago Bean

One of the world’s most iconic public artworks is right across the street from my new workplace. That famous artwork? The 110-ton reflective bean in Chicago. Installed in 2006, this mirrored sculpture hit the ground just in time for our culture’s selfie obsession. People love taking photos of themselves of the bean. You can’t help […]

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Hyperallergic podcast: episode 1

Hyperallergic’s new podcast is ok

Hyperallergic is one of the art websites that I regularly enjoy; therefore, it’s exciting to hear they are now doing a weekly podcast! To give you a taste of Hyperallergic’s fun stories, here’s some of the most recent articles from the 77 articles that I’ve saved to Evernote over time. A City Where Trees Tweet […]

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