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Chicago behind the curtain: Christo Attacks!

Christo Attacks!

Anytime you see something wrapped in public, it’s like the artist Christo has attacked. In fact, that should be the official hashtag for photos of wrapped things in public: #ChristoAttacks! Take this statue of Thomas Jefferson (photographed by Steve Tanner). It’s completely wrapped with plastic — #ChristoAttacks! Who is Christo? Christo is the artist who […]

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#candypile hashtag on instagram

Candypile variations: Felix Gonzalez-Torres & Halloween

I regularly follow the #candypile hashtag on Instagram. Mostly to see people’s photos of Félix González-Torres’ candy pile installations at various museums. photo by oriane_trnat Fondation Louis Vuitton in Parisphoto by sfknycat The Met Breuer in New Yorkphoto by dmbdreamgirlat The Art Institute of Chicago The images for the #candypile hashtag change around this time of […]

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Collection of panoramic images photographed in Chicago

Using panoramic photo prints as origami paper

Today I was thinking about how I love photographing panoramic photos. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make origami with these panoramic images? But origami is mostly done with square-shaped paper. Not long sheets of paper. Bummer—but wait! There is something close I can do. Many origami patterns exist for dollar bills! You can […]

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non-notable artist

The wikipedia for non-notable people

Last night I was looking up guerilla art, specifically the wikipedia page. Looking through the history of changes to the page, someone recently removed an artist name, because they said the artist was a “non-notable”. Which is the wikipedia rule. Non-notable people cannot have their own Wikipedia page, nor can they even be mentioned in […]

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Youtube search for guerilla art

Only 8 guerilla art videos on Youtube in the past year

Rather surprising there are only eight total guerilla art videos on Youtube in the past year. A few of them are about guerilla art, but most aren’t even really about guerilla art—that is, installation art. As author Keri Smith defines in her book “How to be a Guerilla Artist”: Guerilla art is a fun and […]

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64 recent flickr favs

Sharing favs works much better on Flickr than Instagram

I had fun faving 70 photos on Flickr tonight. I was searching street installation, pavement installation, and site specific. You can’t really make a screenshot of your favs like this on Instagram. Flickr is better than Instagram! To make this screenshot, I made the page smaller by descreasing the zoom in my Chrome browswer. I used […]

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Chart of all the Sotheby’s auctions on the night when Banksy's “Girl with Balloon” got shredded

Examining all the auctions on the night of the Banksy shredder

A Banksy painting was shredded immediately after its auction ended. Apparently, the auction house Sotheby’s didn’t know this was going to happen—or did they? Blogger Jason Bailey wrote a detailed analysis behind the Banksy shredder: Myth Busting Banksy. Was it a legit prank or complicit staging? Bailey investigates some insightful points: Examining Banky’s frame The battery […]

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