Medieval armor as cubism?

Do a search for “cubism” on the Art Institute of Chicago’s website, and you’ll get some medieval armor.

How we each discover Bob Ross

Today’s first encounters with Bob Ross are a bit different than the 1980s and 1990s.

Walking on a cloud in Paris

Photoshopping a tight rope walker onto a cloud in a Paris webcam

8 ways to enhance an art museum

How would you reimagine an art museum? The Art Institute of Chicago called on teens to reinvent and vamp up the museum experience. The competition, Re:Imagine, asked for ideas to make the museum more engaging and multi-sensory, using any creative methods. 52 wonderful ideas were submitted. Eight of them really stood out. Concepts like scratch-n-sniff …

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Gamification of Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is such an incredible resource. You can virtually explore through the galleries of art museums, view artwork up close, make your own collections, search through topics, explore by color. There’s so many things you can do. Google made a fun way for people to explore through the wide functionality. As you …

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