The structure in the photo is transparent. The photo of the skull is straightforward. The skull itself is a form of structure. The clear medium of the photo transparency underscores how this structure is clear and understood. The drawing on the left is opaque and not understood. The skull is vague and warped. The paper …

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Rodin Plastic

Rodin’s figures have a very live real feeling. This painting takes the three-dimesionality of the figure and portrays it onto a two-dimensional surface. But then the objectness is brought back by the thick stretchers, steel fencing, and plastic wrap. 9 x 12″ acrylic on canvas, metal mesh, plasticwrapSale for this artwork is negotiable


A balance and contrast between what’s inside and outside. The log is carved into, but the bright colors painted inside pop out. The rebar is on the ouside, instead of inside. The plastic on the outside is breaking up to show the color inside. The dark plastic material constrasts with the colored inside. Was shown …

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Sculpture doodles (logs)

Part of the log series around 1′ wood, carpet, nails, screws, metal, wire, wax, plasticSale for this artwork is negotiable


Guest artist Steve Murakishi visited our class for a critique one day in Drawing 1 at Illinois Wesleyan University. I did a drawing on wood featuring dancers and ravers, and then I did another drawing on newsprint of old fashion catalog people from the 1920s. When a black light was turned on, the choatic crowd …

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Operation Identification Log

part of the log series 8.5″ x 5.75″ x 2.5″ wood, laserprint, screwsSale for this artwork is negotiable


Rhythm of time and materials. Wax everchanging. Wax sealing and preserving. Painted color figures dance. Old fashion newspaper clipping sealed. 2′ x 2′ acrylic, wax, plastic wrap, photocopies, woodSale for this artwork is negotiable

Untitled (cube)

An assignment to do something with mosiacs. Most people kept it to two dimensions. I thought it would be interesting to create a three-dimensional cube with windows that havve transparencies of trees. The trees break up the view of what’s inside the cube, just as the mosaics are broken up pieces forming the structure. Inside …

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Rhythm of Creative Preservation

hands, tools of creation forming a rhythmic balance in the composition 18 x 24″ lithography print on paper, plastic, spray paintSale for this artwork is negotiable


From a series on dance and movement. 3′ x 2′ oil pastel, ink, metal, newsprintSale for this artwork is negotiable