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Kirk Vuillemot: Art Institute of Chicago Assistant Conservator for Preparation and Framing

Kirk Vuillemot, the Art Institute’s framemaker

Frame conservation. Picking the right frame to match artwork from centuries ago. The Art Institute of Chicago has an employee with the title of Assistant Conservator for Preparation and Framing. Kirk Vuillemot has been restoring and creating frames for the museum since 1986. The Art Institute’s asked him five questions in their post post, “Meet […]

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Flag of Dominica in Plaza of the Americas

Two minutes on Dominican flag from a Walgreens window

I stood in a Walgreens dish soap aisle for two minutes recording a video of the store window. Why? Because this Walgreens, in the historic Wrigley Building, features a fantastic view of 34 flags of all the South and North American countries.   All the bright vibrant colorful flags waving vigorously demand shoppers attention. Although, […]

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Philly transit tokens, photo by ryangs

Transit tokens as investment

Philadelphia is retiring their transit tokens. I urge people to go and buy as many tokens as you can. They will be worth the investment 20 years from now. How? Let’s use Chicago as an example. In 1999 Chicago phased out their transit coins. At the time, fares cost $1.00. Now the CTA tokens are […]

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Sun blasting through the frigid -8° air

A positive approach to negative criticism

What do you do with negative criticism? Our first reaction might be to dismiss words that tear us down. Instead of ignoring the negative criticism, I want to absorb those words. Consider them, know the rationale and source behind the negative comments. Perhaps the fault lies within me. Instead of defending my viewpoint, I want […]

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Falling ice at Chicago Apple Store

Design flaw in Apple flagship store

[Update: Apple has explained they do have a heated roof. Blair Kamin of the Chicago Tribune reports: “The roof has a warming system that’s built into it,” Apple spokesman Nick Leahy said. “It needed some fine-tuning and it got re-programmed today. It’s hopefully a temporary problem.” So I take back that this is a design […]

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Fun facts about Ewok poop from the Death Star librarian

From transit fare increases to Ewok poop

I love having several fictional Twitter accounts–the Death Star librarian, an Ewok, a baby Ewok, extreme croquet player, and so on. These fun accounts can work in tandem for some pretty silly responses to tweets. The Chicago Tribune digital editor tweeted about Chicago’s tax hike for their transit service. Which then eventually lead to talk […]

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Before and after, Tribune Tower

Flickr’s “search for similar photos”

Most of us are familiar with Google’s reverse image search. Pick any photo online, and Google can find a photo that is similar (or identical). It’s a very fun tool to play around with. I’ve used it to: Search for a painting hanging up in a Panera restaurant Find paintings that look like a beach […]

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Glen Ellyn Clay Meetup membership pending

Having fun crafting your meetup profile

Every time you join a group on, you get asked a set of questions for your profile. The Glen Ellyn Clay meetup has some fun questions, so I had fun answering them. What are the top 3 things you would like to get out of this group? Get back to working with clay. That would […]

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