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Collage of all 49 Chicago art organizations on Twitter

Chicago art organizations on Twitter

You might follow some of the top Chicago art museums on Twitter, like The @artinstitutechi or @mcachicago. But what about the other visual art organizations? I compiled a Twitter list of 49 visual art organizations in Chicago. Please feel free to subscribe to the list. I check it every day to stay on top of […]

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Mother Nature Chicago with a snowball

Chicago’s Mother Nature is on Twitter

How do you check the weather? Mobile app? Watch the tv news? How about twitter? I normally ask Siri what the weather will be for the day. While that is the most direct route, it’s not the most fun. To inject some fun into the weather, instead of using Siri for the next month, I’ll […]

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sliding down the picasso

The simple joys of public art

Does your city have touristy things that you’ve never done? Chicago has a lot of that. One of the tourist attractions is the 50 foot tall public art sculpture by Picasso. The angled base made of Cor-Ten steel makes for a great slide. Children are always running up the base and sliding down. I never […]

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a whole lotta stanley cups

500 million visualized

With the Stanley Cup in the news again as Chicago won its third Stanley Cup in six years, Chicago’s Adler Planetarium made an infographic revealing that 429,305,338 Stanley Cups stacked on top of one another would reach the Moon. What else is approximately 500 million? The population of North America is 476,028,165 people. America (320,970,000), […]

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Dick Butkus at NFL Draft Chicago

Start to NFL Draft in Chicago flops

Crowd control gates lined the streets of Michigan Avenue outside Tribune Tower. The kickoff to the NFL Draft in Chicago was supposed to be huge. Such a large crowd was expected that people were going to be spilling over into the street. The sun was shining. The court was filled with NFL Hall of Famers […]

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