pencils and gum?

Walking down michigan ave in chicago today during lunch i came across a man dressed in a full-length pencil costume handing our Wrigley’s Spearmint gum. Pencil Man! What do pencils have to do with gum? Tom Saaristo of TOM TOOL food fame suggests “it’s gum AND an eraser. Chew it and then erase. You’re sure …

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autumn flowers

Outside my apartment there are these old-fashioned doors from the ol’ ice-refrigerator days. I am currently researching what would be some good flowers to put in a cedar container in this space. (Figure: autumn, chicago, container, no direct sun). I’ll post the pictures when I get them installed. I found out that the container should …

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The joys of gas stations

I noticed today that I never have seen a gas station inside a building. I wonder if there is some sort of law that states that you cannot place a gas station inside a building. I was walking through a gas station in River North in Chicago (north of all the tall buildings in chicago) …

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bus advertising

the Chicago cta buses and trains interior advertising areas have a lot of empty spaces lately. Looks like an ample opportunity for some artists to post their work

black market spray paint

The city of Chicago does not allow the sale of spray paint (anti-graffitti measures). So whenever i go to the burbs to buy spray paint, i feel like i’m going to the black market to purchase it.

Fred Flinstone’s turkey leg

I’ve been to the Taste of Chicago every year since 1985. One of my favorites in the past five years has been the huge barbeque turkey leg. A few tips on the devouring the turkey leg. 1) Be the caveman.2) Devour it. Munch it. Rip it apart.3) Wear messy clothes. You will get sauce on …

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gum retaliation

Ice Breakers Gum has to be the worst gum on the planet. It looses it’s flavor almost immediately. The “TFC” Tiny Flavor Capsules are little hard chunks that make you wonder if a piece of your teeth is in your gum. They will be at the Taste of Chicago on Saturday and Sunday (check this …

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chicago rubbings

I was doing some thinking about doing rubbings (placing a piece of paper up on a wall, rubbing a pencil or charcoal on the paper to reproduce the texture underneath paper). It made me think of how I could walk around chicago and make rubbings of various famous and/or interesting things. Similiar to how I …

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heros and heroines

For the Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk’s game reports, I’m going to do alot more character development to make the stories much more interesting. I even took out some how to write short story books and character books from the library. The eight typical hero profiles:Chief, Bad Boy, Best Friend, Charmer, Lost Soul, Professor, Swashbuckler, …

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smooth croquet

Today was the opening day for the Chicago Croquet Club. This is official professional USCA croquet on super smooth courts, real heavy mallets, heavy balls, skinny strong wickets. And wearing all white. Well… Laura and I weren’t in all white. But the 30 or so people there, almost everyone was wearing white. (and about half …

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learn croquet from a master

This Saturday, June 15, I wanna go learn some croquet from the croquet master Bob Kroeger. He’s gonna be teaching at the Chicago Croquet Club’s opening day. Their press release welcomes anyone to come. Who wants to come? It’s right behind the Museum of Science and Industry. Here’s the schedule:9am-11am: Bob Kroeger teaches the 7 …

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