2002 weather

The weather in chicago this year has been pretty flat. Warm winter, cool spring. Is it the stability of being in a palendromic year.

the negative chip caray

Chip Caray, tv announcer for the Chicago Cubs since 1998, has been growing more and more irratiable as the baseball season goes on. Why? Is it the Cubs awful play this season? No, I don’t think that’s the main reason. The real reason is that most Cubs fans don’t like Chip. Chip knows this so …

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why we like nature

While riding on the 2nd floor of the train coming back home to chicago from aurora today, I looked out the window to see a creek glistening in the sun, then we zoomed by a small forest with trees and leaves on the ground. I realized why nature is beautiful. There’s rhythm to make us …

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more links on lance rutter

Lance Rutter Discusses Experience Design. On commarts site.Lance Rutter’s book recommendations at Aiga ChicagoThere’s also a couple posts my Lance on the AIGAExperienceDesign email group. It looks like an interesting email group.

power of the word

Yesterday, I went to a small talk at Tanagram Studio in Chicago. The owner of the studio, Lance Rutter opened with an interesting story his realization of the power of words. He was in college and became deathly ill after eating some fast food at a local Mexican restaurant, a burrito with everything on it. …

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extreme mini-croquet

It looks like the Squirearchy will be published as the creators of extreme mini-croquet in the next issue of the National Croquet Calendar. Take a sneak peek at what i submitted: article #1 and article #2. This photo might make it in too.

Croquet Coincedence

The official croquet of the Squirearchy is now made under the brand names of Wilson and Sportcraft. Amazing. Here’s the story no-point story: hey! i found the croquet set for lisa. I went over to sportmart during work. There’s one by the rock-n-roll mcdonalds. It’s freakin 8 stories tall of all sportmart. It was my …

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Kung Fu Hampster

I was at Walgreens during lunch today and I ran into this Singing Kung-Fu Hamster. Squeeze his hand and he sings the pop dance song, “Ku Fu Fighting.” But the killer winner of them all is the spinning nunchucks! I’m surprised that they can sell this, because the spinning nunchuck looks very dangerous. But that …

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We’ve got an official new video game here on the 14th floor of the Tribune Tower. It’s this mini-golf game you can play on the web. It’s quite addicting! Right now, I’m the supreme score leader with 27.Try to beat me!

Cubs Opener

It’s neat living in Wrigleyville. Today is the Chicago Cubs home opener.* They painted the Addison red line L a couple days ago* The street sweeping truck thingy is out* The Tribune Company put up stupid new wind blockers in the outfield to block the view of neighboring rooftops. Readers reactions

Snow protestors

Then at like 4:00pm yesterday, there a bunch of protestors outside the Tribune building. Once or twice a month, we get protestors outside protesting one thing or another. I work up on the 14th floor facing the Pioneer court where they hold the protests. So we can look out our windows at them. Even drop …

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