Snow protestors

Then at like 4:00pm yesterday, there a bunch of protestors outside the Tribune building. Once or twice a month, we get protestors outside protesting one thing or another. I work up on the 14th floor facing the Pioneer court where they hold the protests. So we can look out our windows at them. Even drop …

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croquet punishment

tomorrow is the first big croquet event of 2002! Punishment at Kreten Kourt. Check it out our club at:

lifetime of book

sI would love to see a list of books that I’ve taken out at the library for my entire life. I’ve gone to mostly chicago public libraries. So you’d think they would have a database with all those records. Wow, that would be one awesome list to see.

Wrigley Building in purple light, January 2002


I miss the snow. It’s fun to take pictures in the snow.

Art museum for free

I went to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art today. It’s only free on Tuesdays. Today being Thursday, you’re supposed to pay. When you pay, you get a little metal button to wear. It’s not a pin, but a clip-on button, so they can fall off kinda easily. When walking up to the MCA, I always …

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Kicked out of the Amoco Building

Today i got kicked out of the Amoco Building in Chicago. I wasn’t really inside the building when i got kicked out. I was standing right next to it taking pictures. The Amoco Building (or AON Center as it’s now called) is like the 10th tallest building in the world. So I thought it would …

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Tribune over Sun-Times

Another reason why the Tribune Company is superior over the Sun-Times. (both are competing newspapers in Chicago). This afternoon I got some Subway for lunch and walked over by the Sun-Times building to eat, because it was close by. Upon arrival at the plaza outside the Sun-Times building, it was difficult to find a place …

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I want to run for office in Chicago

My campaign would include:* Bringing a white castle downtown* Building more croquet courts* Instituting 2-hour lunches, and 2-month vacation minimums* Making Macintosh the official computer platform* Eliminating the stupid wrigley bleacher expansion plans* Metra Station at Addison* Little Debbies on every corner* Instituting public soapbox debates in public squares* Making the museums free everyday* Establishing …

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New mousepad wanted

My current mousepad at work is all dirty and grungy. Time for a new one. If you have a cool mousepad that you aren’t using, please send it to: Tribune Media ServicesMatt Maldre435 N. Michigan AveSuite 1400Chicago, IL 60611 If you send me one, I’ll mail you something fun in return. My only restriction is …

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Wrigley Field expansion plans

I live in Wrigleyville the neighborhood that is home to Wrigley Field of the Chicago Cubs. Personally, i hate when the community puts up such a b*** about how bad the traffic is around Wrigley Field during game days. Like duh. Of course it’s gonna be bad. (personally, I don’t think it’s THAT bad). The …

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