Darth Vader comics on Amazon

Should you buy your comics on Comixology or Amazon?

Amazon discounted a bunch of Comixology comics on the Amazon storefront! Wait… Amazon, Comixology? Amazon owns the online comic store and app, Comixology. Any comics you buy on Amazon, you read with the Comixology app. What is Comixology? Comixology is by far, the leading digital comic app. They have nearly everything. I read all my …

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xkcd inside jpg attachment

The first xkcd you ever read

When did you first discover the webcomic xkcd? If you don’t know about this webcomic, you need to read it NOW. A search through my hard drive resulted in a couple archived instant messages. Earliest reference I have to xkcd is on November 27, 2006. My brother Erik shared xkcd with me through this instant message: yikesmoose: read …

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From detention-grade mattresses with welded seams...

Prison construction released to the public

Ben Katchor has such unique views of urban life. Here he draws the parallel of how the durability of prison construction is eventually adopted by the outside world. Tamper-proof toilets and sinks. Detention grade mattresses with welded seams. My favorite part is when a released prisoner recognizes the riot-proof seating in waiting room. In a …

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If I'm in the perimeter of wisdom

Calvin’s wits comes from his parents

(comic courtsey The mom has some of Calvin’s style of humor in today’s Calvin & Hobbes. It’s nice that the parents aren’t always prototypical boring stiff parents. Here we see where Calvin potentially gets his wits from.

s I'm buying 3 more Muppets comic books, I'm finding comic book taste is skewing more to kids books :)

Muppets the comic book

The Muppets comic book (2009-2012) is EXCELLENT! If you like the Muppets, go to your nearest comic book store and pick up the compilation, “The Muppets Omnibus.” (or get it from Amazon) It’s seriously one of the best comics to ever come out. The Muppets are a perfect fit for the comic book format. The …

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idiocy is the essence of the male mind

The truth of Seinfeld can be applied to comic strips

If you say Seinfeld is a show about nothing, then you know nothing about the Seinfeld sitcom. Seinfield is about everything It’s not a show about nothing. It’s a show about everything, says Nico Lang of the Daily Dot’s great article, “Debunking the biggest myth about ‘Seinfield’ that everyone believes” One could be forgiven for …

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New word: weekstart

word: weekstart definition: The start of the work week. Typically Monday. People say “have a happy weekend” on Fridays. On Mondays people greet each other with a happy weekstart. example: It’s Monday, happy weekstart! tags: monday, time, day, week, weekend, beginning, start first usage: In a sticky note comics post

Spudart the webcomic

For the longest of long times I’ve been thinking about starting a webcomic. But I didn’t know what characters to do. Or what to name it. Until now. Dude. It’ll be a webcomic about talking potatoes. Here’s the IM convo that started the idea: And the first webcomic for your pleasure: