G.I. Joe snow adventures in comic books and 1400 Gallery

Comic books that take place in the snow are so cool. I love arctic adventures. Two G.I. Joe comic books take place in Antarctica. One from 1989 (G.I. Joe Special Missions #20), the other from 2006 (G.I. Joe Special Missions “Antarctica”) The 1989 comic book is really cool, because the interior pages are printed on …

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Chicago Comic Shop Crawl

I love this idea! Two of these shops have been on my “to visit” for way too long, and now this is just the incentive to get me to visit. From via Forget pub and bar and even zombie bar crawls….book crawls are where it’s at, specifically comic shops uniting for an inaugural …

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Wish your co-workers a Happy weekstart

“Have a good weekend!” Co-workers wish each other this all the time. How about when you get back to work? I’m gonna start saying “Happy weekstart!”

Elevator Bouncy Ball Challenge

How many times can you get a bouncy ball to bounce off the walls of an elevator? I got nine. That doesn’t seem like much.

Today is day #732,951

Some thoughts on dates since January 1, 0001: October 1, 2007 would be day number 732,951 starting from the beginning of AD in January 1, 0001. It’s been 1,055,449,440 minutes. That’s just a tad over 1 billion minutes. (One billion minutes happened on Monday, April 28, 1902) Day #750,000 will occur on Friday, June 5, …

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My high school locker 1993

Bazooka Joe needs a book!

Is there a book with a compilation of the Bazooka Joe comics? In high school I collected Bazooka Joe comics and covered my entire locker door with those comics! (see photo above). The only thing that comes close to a compilation of Bazooka Joe comics is on Topps’ website (Topps is the maker of Bazooka …

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‘Non Sequitur’ comic strip gets into newspaper with 180 votes

The Portland Press newspaper asked readers what comic strip they should run to replace the retired ‘Foxtrot.’ Here’s the results: “Wiley’s strip collected 180 votes, far outpacing the second-place comic – “Get Fuzzy,” with 92.” 180 votes. That’s it? Granted the Portland Press is a pretty small paper with a 68,100 daily circulation. (To be …

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