A poster made out of comic strips

Comic strips and comic books have such drastic size differences. A comic book page is 6-5/8 x 10-3/16 inches. That’s 67.5 square inches of space. A comic strip is 5-3/4 x 1-3/4 inches. That’s 10 square inches of space. What if you took all the pages from the comic book and laid them out to …

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Brewster Rockit box kit

Brewster Rockit sales kit

This appears in the 2005 Graphic USA Design Annual. Tim Rickard sent Tribune Media Services a comic strip proposal for Brewster Rockit. TMS decided to take Brewster under an 8-week development deal to help improve the strip before syndicating it. David Rothkopf (TMS Copywriter), Mary Fischer (TMS Editor), and I were called on to assist …

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bought some comics today

* Out there #56 (cool coloring and hip kids) * Automatic Kafka #9 (interesting page layouts, nice use of white space in layouts) * G.I.Joe vs. The Tranformers #1 (need i say more!?!!!!!) * Hawaiian Dick #1 (colored with watercolor, different) * Break into Comics (funny comic book on getting into the comic biz * …

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funny comic strips

The past couple days, i’ve been emailing a page of funny comic strips to a couple co-workers. I thought I’d share these funny strips with the world, so I made a yahoo email group. Funny Comic Strips. If you join, you get a newsletter of funny comic strips every now and then. You will only …

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The thesaurus has “Mickey Mouse” as a synonym for

kill comics 10 years and older

Comic strips should exist only as long as TV shows. TV shows are lucky to last 10 years, because they get old after awhile. The same goes for comic strips. Espicially since you have an episode every single day.