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Magnifying text on a computer screen

The screenshot tool is so incredibly handy tool. (also known as screen capture on Windows). With the Mac, if you hit command-shift-4, you get a crosshairs to click and drag the area you want to capture. Today I accidentally dragged the cursor over a very very tiny section of my screen. Just 12 pixels by […]

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217 fonts added to Google Fonts since 2015

Google Fonts is amazing collection of free fonts. 916 font families just waiting for you. You can download them all in one zip file totalling 407 MB. I haven’t updated my Google Fonts collection since 2015. Today I added the updated collection to my hard drive. Over the course of four years, Google has added […]

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Ten thousand regular typefaces when all you need is an italic

For a design comp, I quickly selected a Google font, Encode Sans. Because it comes in lots of weights thin, extra light, light, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, extra-bold, and black. WONDERFUL! Such glorious options. And then quadruple over these options with Condensed, Semi Condensed, Semi Expanded, and Expanded families—each with 9 weights. This isn’t just a family […]

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Adobe InDesign Paragraph Rules shortcut command option j

How to remember command-option-j to underline text

Some key commands are easy to remember. Command-c for copy. But what about obscure ones like Indesign’s command-option-j for underlining text? (In Indesign that’s called a paragraph rule). What does the letter j have to do with underlining text? Maybe there’s some word that starts with the letter j that means to underline. All of […]

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Paper ornament or plastic ornament?

Beta preview of the Maldre Christmas card

I have a penchant for creating really complicated Christmas cards. This year I decided to print fifty photos onto strips of paper. Then slide those strips into a clear plastic ornament. Kinda crazy. But also kinda fun. Here’s a preview of our Christmas card: There are six strips of paper inside this ornament. Sliding the […]

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20181107-dick tracy ping pong bracket on easel in tribune content agency office.psd

Dick Tracy, the ping pong player

When your company syndicates Dick Tracy, you often get to have some fun at work. Four months ago we moved out of the Tribune Tower, and into our new office space in One Prudential Plaza. In the recreational part of the building, we have a ping pong table. Next week we are holding an company […]

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