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State of the Union ticket gallery: 1970-2018

The history of the State of Union ticket design

The design of the State of the Union ticket has gone through several evolutions through the years. Most recently a typo appeared on the 2018 State of the Union ticket. Oops! Ok, the typo is pretty bad, but many other questions loom. Why does the paper look like construction paper or something from Office Depot? […]

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Mockup Google results for googling a hexvalue

Googling hexvalue colors

When you Google a color’s hexvalue, the entire browser should turn that color. A couple other thoughts related to hexvalues: What are the most popular hexvalues used on websites? Certainly search engines that crawl billions of websites would have stats on what hexvalues are used the most. A google search for the Facebook hexvalue, #3b5998, […]

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