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M&Ms can help you design a color palette

If you are ever stuck on a color palette for a design, just pull out a bag of M&Ms. Grab a handful; and lay them out on the table. Viola! There is your color palette. That’s what happened to me one day. I pulled out this nice selection of blues and browns, with a single […]

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Tree on fire

Today I saw a tree on fire

The sunlight hit just the red part of the tree blowing on the fire to give the blaze more life. The colors were saturated even more by the HDR photography of the ProHDR app on my iPhone. Originally I was sending the photo to flickr without the words, but the feel was rather empty. Adding […]

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Three generations of Photohop

Photoshop 3.0, Photoshop CS3, Photoshop CC3

Ahh these whipper snappers thinking they are old, talking about Photoshop CS3. Please. I’ve worked on Photoshop 3.0. That’s right. The ORIGINAL Photoshop. Before Adobe started naming them CS and CC. When Photoshop CC 3.0 comes out, designers in their late 30s will be able to say we’ve known three generations of photoshop dating back […]

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Yahoo copies Google; Google copies Apple

Yahoo trying to be like Google Google has an embossed logo. Yahoo now has a beveled logo. Google has a logo with super-thins. Yahoo now has a logo that is very thin. Google does many variations on their logo. Yahoo did many variations on their logo. Google trying to be like Apple Google reacts to […]

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Ouch! These logos are like needles!

Who designed the Google logo?

What do all these logos have in common? They are all designed by Ruth Kedar of Kedar Designs. Notice how all the logos are very pointy. The sharp pointy aspects of Google’s logo has always been awkward. The serif on the G, g, and l are inconsistent in their treatment. The letter e is needlessly […]

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Is Quark dead?

If your company is desperate for new customers, you would probably respond to customer inquiries, right? Quark was the king of the design layout world in the 1990s. Every single professional designer used QuarkXPress for layouts. However, in 1999 Adobe announced a rival layout program, InDesign. By the mid 2000s, InDesign ruled and Quark was […]

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Xanga logos squished

Three things not to do when asking for money

The 15-year-old blogging platform Xanga is about to shut down. To revive the site, they are asking users for $48/year. However, Xanga demonstrated three things not to do when asking for money. 1) Don’t use two spaces after periods. My goodness. We live in an age where nobody uses typewriters anymore. Why would you ever […]

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