Zap2it tower ads

Banner ads that appeared on and several other sites. Half of them interactive forms for entering a zip code. The tricky thing about designing a form inside a banner ad is that the form will change its size according to the font preferences on the user’s computer. Zap2it is Tribune Media Services’s movie and …

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Rootonym logo

Rootonym is a new puzzle that Tribune Media Services carries. This isn’t so much a logo, as it was a header for the sell sheet.

United Way Sweet Taste of Success campaign

Every year Tribune Media Services has a campaign to raise money for United Way. In 2000, the theme is Sweet Taste of Success. Deskdrop: Poster: Tallyboard:

BoxOffice Direct logo

BoxOffice Direct is a new company formed by Tribune Media Services. BoxOffice Direct will compete with the major companies that provide the listings of movies and how much money they garnered. (i.e. those listings that appear in the newspaper that show what movies made the most money.) BoxOffice is providing hi-tech methods of gathering box …

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Who’s Spying on You logo

Argonne National Laboratories’ festival held every year. One of their departments was providing awareness of internet chatroom security for children and adults.

ScumBugs logo

In the screw-making industry, grease is used to carve out the threads on a screw. It’s labor intensive to remove the grease. Enter scumbugs. ScumBugs is 50-gallon buckets of water with microscopic ameobas that eat the grease off screws. A product sold to the machinery industry, it had to be tough, but not too tough. …

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Artiwu website version 1

Artiwu connects Illinois Wesleyan University art students and alumni. The website contains bios of students and alumni, records of all the email discussions from the listeserv, the largest link database of Chicago art, pictures from years past. It was concieved to increase communication among the alumni and students. This version of the website is no …

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Public Broadcasting Cooperative of Illinois logo

PBCI (The Public Broadcasting Cooperative of Illinois) was formed to make it easy for advertisers or underwriters to work with multiple public radio and/or television stations in Illinois. Until now, to reach a statewide audience via more than 20 public broadcasting stations required more than 20 phone calls, more than 20 rate cards and more …

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Idea Exchange logo

This logo was done for ACCO Brands’ One to One program where ACCO reaches out to its small office dealers to have an open communication about the ACCO line of office products.