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Plastic bag collection features Venture bag

I’m kinda jealous of this guy’s plastic bag collection

The fact that I like this guy’s plastic bag collection must mean I have hoarding inclinations. I’ve always wanted to start a paper napkin collection. The various embossed patterns, the range of thickness of the paper, the designs of the imprints. Paper napkins hold a range of variations that would make them fun to collect. […]

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1989 Donruss Cameron Drew & 1991 Fleer Joe Bitker

How to find your Epoch Evil Twin

I have two baseball players that are my Epoch Evil Twin. Cameron Drew and Joe Bitker. What is an Epoch Evil Twin? And how do you find yours? Let me explain. What is Epoch? Programmers needed to assign a unique number to every second in existence. To do this, everyone needed to agree upon one […]

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spudart icon site description

When applying for the affiliate program, the application asks for a site description. They specifically ask: “Make a great first impression: state your strengths, your business goals, and relevant statistics about traffic or demographics.” Here’s what I wrote for is a website that encourages the creativity and personal expression of everyone in […]

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Invisible camera

What happens when you use an invisible camera?

If you take a photo while you are invisible with an invisible camera, what is recorded on your camera? To be clear, both you and your camera are invisible. Tech expert Sparxmind makes a great point: If the camera is invisible, there’s nothing for the light to hit. So it can’t record an image. But […]

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S.I.C.K.: Sentences Involving Compositional Knowledge

The acronym for SICK

“Dude, that’s so sick!” What does that mean? Well, let me tell you. Sick is an acronym. S.I.C.K. stands for: Sentences Involving Compositional Knowledge. Next time you want to say “that is so sick”, you can instead say, “That is so Sentences Involving Compositional Knowledge.” People will actually know what you are talking about. Now […]

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privacy policy-1000x1000

New privacy policy for and my other websites

So many companies emailing about their privacy policy! Wow. Well, it’s a good thing that the European Union is forcing everyone to publish simple policies on how each company uses cookies and data. All consumers should know what is each company’s policy. What happens when you sign up for an email list? Or when you […]

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My Youtube lifetime earnings

Youtube kicked me out of their partner program

Youtube has a new rule to be able to make money off your videos. You must have 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. Thus, I’m no longer in their Partner Program. I have 640 watch hours in the past 12 months and 362 subscribers. I supposed with some effort, I […]

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Idea: sell sample paper packs as an online business

Idea: Selling sample paper packs on Amazon

Selecting paper on Amazon is hard. You can’t see the paper in person. What is the texture like? Will your printer accept the paper? Or will it be too thick? How does the ink or toner bleed into the sheet? Will the paper look totally cheap if it’s used to make a greeting card? All […]

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Google search results for equal signs

Googling 19 consecutive equal signs

A Google search for 19 consecutive equal signs yields zero results. Maybe 19 is too many. Let’s try a lower number. Googling ten equal signs also gives you nothing. Ok, let’s try five. Nothing. Four? Nope. Four equal signs has no results. But three. Three is the magic. number! Three equal signs is where we start […]

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