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Cutting up a book to scan it

Ever wish you could have a digital version of a book, but there is no kindle or PDF version available? One in book in particular I’d love to have on my phone at all times: Keri Smith’s “How to be an Explorer of the World“. Such an inspiring book. I love it. I want it […]

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4 reasons why automatic staplers are the best

If your printer at work has an automatic stapler, give it a try. Automatic staplers are so wonderful. 1) You don’t have to do the manual job of stapling your sheets Machines. Let the machines do the work for you. 2) The printer gives a beautiful flat staple Your handheld stapler will produce a rounded […]

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Does Customer Support have custom notes on you?

Whenever I call customer support for something, I like to imagine they have a customer profile on each customer. This profile would have informal notes on what type of person the customer is. Maybe there would be profiles that say “be careful, this customer is a bear!” Or for really nice customers it would say, […]

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Picasso drips

Picasso drips

Drip lines are drawn down the base of the Picasso sculpture. As the snow melts, remnant salt lines are left behind. These vertical lines look like a drawing. Whose drawing? Perhaps Paul Klee? Is Paul Klee drawing on a Picasso? Here’s a few Paul Klee works that look a bit like this photo. Rayo multicolor, […]

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Google auto-complete for Maldre

Try Google auto-complete on your name

If you type your last name into Google, what auto-complete suggestions do you get? Here’s mine: maldred lord of allerdale is an interesting one. No relation. Also curious is the bottom of the list, mal dress. What is a mal dress? Is that a typo for dress that you get at the mall? Do people […]

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All the Twitter accounts with the letter t repeated

Just for kicks, I typed in to see if anyone has the account. Someone does. Of course. But only three followers. Three! What about all the various letter lengths with the repeated? Is any of them really popular? Here they all are, sorted by longest name to the shortest name. The maximum number of […]

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Plastic bag collection features Venture bag

I’m kinda jealous of this guy’s plastic bag collection

The fact that I like this guy’s plastic bag collection must mean I have hoarding inclinations. I’ve always wanted to start a paper napkin collection. The various embossed patterns, the range of thickness of the paper, the designs of the imprints. Paper napkins hold a range of variations that would make them fun to collect. […]

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1989 Donruss Cameron Drew & 1991 Fleer Joe Bitker

How to find your Epoch Evil Twin

I have two baseball players that are my Epoch Evil Twin. Cameron Drew and Joe Bitker. What is an Epoch Evil Twin? And how do you find yours? Let me explain. What is Epoch? Programmers needed to assign a unique number to every second in existence. To do this, everyone needed to agree upon one […]

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