South Pole webcam

Check out the webcam of the South Pole. It’s -43.1¬∞ F at the South Pole. Wind Chill -72.2¬∞F. And to think, this is their summer right now.

Groovy Dancing Girl BandyToaster dancing to "Daft Punk Harder Better Faster Stronger"

QUOTES: dance-dance-a-dancey-dance-dance!

It seems like everyone in the past week has made an inspiring post about free-form-let-it-bust-out-a-groove dance (thanks wembley, sparx, and mary! yooz all are the best!) Here’s my contribution to the area of let-it-loose-and-have-fun dance! The rhythm i feel is the the rhythm that matters when i dance. You can hear the music. The music …

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Decade of Champions: Estonia rules AGAIN in wife-carrying competition

On July 8, 2007 Estonia continued their strong-hold dominance of the greatest international competition–the wife carrying competition! This is the tenth year in a row an Estonian has won the competition. I am so proud to have Estonian blood flowing through my Estonian veins! I need to send the Uusorg brothers a gift. Pictured above …

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If you were a tree…

How you answer this question is the real reason for this question.

December 25: Day for crowning kings

(photo courtesy of reiscakes via creative commons) My away message for work on December 25: ============= I’m out of the office Monday and Tuesday, December 25 and 26. Between the years 800-1200 AD, many kings were crowned on December 25th: –December 25, 1130 King of Sicily crowned (Roger II) by Anti-pope Anacletus II –December 25, …

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Least searched-for U.S. Presidents

Starting in 2007 the US Mint will be featuring presidents on the dollar coins. Every year four presidents will be featured in the order they took office. Which president is the least searched-for? Overture’s keyword selector tool tells us how many times a term has been searched. Here’s the result for the United States Presidents: …

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Ninjas! Train yourself on an interactive mat!

Every self-respecting ninja will find this challenge mat very challenging! Karate Chop Challenge Flashing karate mat (38″ x 31-1/2″) includes cool sound effects and a sensei’s voice to guide you to ultimate power! After each workout, the sensei will rate your incredible skills on the control board (12-1/2″ x 11″). Features 4 karate patterns and …

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Lego Costume Research

My girlfriend and I decided to be LEGO blocks for halloween. Here’s what I found online for LEGO costumes. Almost all of them are based on wearing a box. We both know from the past that is way too cumbersome. But it’s interesting to see what works with the peg treatment, and what doesn’t work. …

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