LEGO mosaic robot

I have a new piece of art in the art gallery on Feel free to leave a comment at the lego mosaic robot page.

Comparison of spy listening devices

Would one of these sound amplifiers work at a Major League ballpark to hear what the players talk about in the dugout? Educational Insights Sonic Sleuth $24.99 –Works up to 300′ away –Frequency controller blocks noise over 85 decibels Sound Receiver WN-077 Spy Listening Device $29.48 –Eavesdrop on conversations discreetly up to 80 feet away …

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Margo Uusorg rules: Estonians world wife-carrying champions again

Estonians rule, this is our 8th year in a row winning the World Wife-Carrying Competition. I’m proud to be Estonian. Long live Estonia!!! This was the FOURTH victory for Margo Ussorg and the third in a row for his family. Brother Madis Uusorg won in 2004. The Uusorg’s are my heros! Here’s some photos of …

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Ant Farm Trick

1. Open up the lid, 2. Gently blow into the ant farm. 3. Watch ants go WILD. Often the ants in a little ant farm will get all lathargic and lazy. Doing this trick will breathe life back into them. Really! They go totally CRAZY.

ban SUVs, not pocket bikes

Pocket bikes or mini motos are being banned in communities across America. It’s evident how they are dangerous, because they are so low to the ground, motorists may not see them. It shows how big our traveling has got in America—in a very literal sense. Other countries have such a wonderful bicycle culture, those pocket …

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Sharing a bench

The park bench: a place to watch, meet, and greet. Sharing a bench with someone. It’s not your own personal seat. Chairs are so individualized. Sitting on a bench with someone is consoling, like non-starters in a game. Sharing a bench can be loving. Benches are the place of interaction. They are a staple setting …

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