America 24/7 accepted me into the Illinois book!

Great news! An America 24/7 rep sent me an email saying that I was accepted into the Illinois book! I’m waiting for her to respond with which photo was accepted. Here’s a gallery of the 50 photos I submitted: At this page, each photo has the actual description that was submitted to the contest. …

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Joe Schmo DVD released today

Joe Schmo By far the best reality show out there. It’s a reality show, but everyone is actors except for one person. The show is so good that I would actually watch it over and over. Even though the Apprentice was good, I wouldn’t watch it again. Joe Schmo was just an interesting look into …

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The different ways to lace your shoes

I bought some new shoes and had to lace them up. There always seemed to be different ways to lace shoes, and sure enough there’s a website that explains and rates twelve different ways to lace your shoes. For those who cannot see the link, here it is again: Which way do you lace …

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Rake by Elevated Train Tracks

There’s a great website out there, For newbies and experienced digital photo buffs alike, this site offers weekly challenges on a wide variety of themes, some for paying members and some for anyone. There’s also a lively community. Paying members can even sell prints via the site. I submitted a photo for the rust …

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Stickie note welcome, goldsworthy style

Whenever we get a new employee, I like to leave a little welcome note on the person’s desk before they come in for their first day. These welcome notes have been growing each time. This time there is a little stickie note creation in the Andy Goldsworthy style. See the full picture and the close-up.

dancers animated gif

here is a hilarious animated gif of four dancers, what appears to be Voltron, a kung fu dude, a ballerina and Spider-Man. Whadda group. And look at those moves! Any idea on what brought these characters together?

UFO Shooting Camera

View this %%265-6561_IMG_400.jpg]image and answer this question: A) Does this toy shoot out discs that look like UFOs or B) Does this toy shoot discs at UFOs? inspired by mindbending power of the alien, David Rothkopf

The Occasional Potato is coming back!

The Occasional Potato is a xeroxed group of things/articles that I find interesting. And it has a potato on every cover.


Bought lisa a book at borders today Change Your Life Without Getting Out of Bed: The Ultimate Nap Book So when i went to the front counter to get it, I gave her my last name, but she couldn’t find it. Then she asked me the title of the book, and I knew it was …

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