Sharing a bench

The park bench: a place to watch, meet, and greet. Sharing a bench with someone. It’s not your own personal seat. Chairs are so individualized. Sitting on a bench with someone is consoling, like non-starters in a game. Sharing a bench can be loving. Benches are the place of interaction. They are a staple setting …

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America 24/7 accepted me into the Illinois book!

Great news! An America 24/7 rep sent me an email saying that I was accepted into the Illinois book! I’m waiting for her to respond with which photo was accepted. Here’s a gallery of the 50 photos I submitted: At this page, each photo has the actual description that was submitted to the contest. …

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Joe Schmo DVD released today

Joe Schmo By far the best reality show out there. It’s a reality show, but everyone is actors except for one person. The show is so good that I would actually watch it over and over. Even though the Apprentice was good, I wouldn’t watch it again. Joe Schmo was just an interesting look into …

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The different ways to lace your shoes

I bought some new shoes and had to lace them up. There always seemed to be different ways to lace shoes, and sure enough there’s a website that explains and rates twelve different ways to lace your shoes. For those who cannot see the link, here it is again: Which way do you lace …

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Rake by Elevated Train Tracks

There’s a great website out there, For newbies and experienced digital photo buffs alike, this site offers weekly challenges on a wide variety of themes, some for paying members and some for anyone. There’s also a lively community. Paying members can even sell prints via the site. I submitted a photo for the rust …

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Stickie note welcome, goldsworthy style

Whenever we get a new employee, I like to leave a little welcome note on the person’s desk before they come in for their first day. These welcome notes have been growing each time. This time there is a little stickie note creation in the Andy Goldsworthy style. See the full picture and the close-up.

dancers animated gif

here is a hilarious animated gif of four dancers, what appears to be Voltron, a kung fu dude, a ballerina and Spider-Man. Whadda group. And look at those moves! Any idea on what brought these characters together?