I just ordered a 128MB CompactFlash card for $30!

jose canseco

Here’s a book I remember from my childhood: The Top 100 “The Best Baseball Cards to Own”. You gotta check out that link to see who they have on the cover. Yes! Jose Canseco! I can see now why amazon doesn’t post a picture of the cover on their site.


autumn is here and I’m doing my Andy Goldsworthy impression.

The Mockup Dance

Doing the doe-see-doewith my X-acto!

estonia rules

Estonians are the best wife-carryiers

My socks make me dream

Why is it that when I wear my socks to bed, I always have dreams? Are the socks keeping the dreams from escaping out of my toes?


Here is a bunch of research on the currently available watchcameras. I’m opting for the cheaper $40 WQV1.


Triskaidekaphobia triss-kye-deh-kuh-FOH-bee-uh: fear of the number 13 I wish I was afraid of a number. That sounds really cool. Let’s see what number would I be afraid of. I think 666. It’s kinda funny, because lately I’ve been using 666666 in a lot of my html code for websites. The #666666 calls for a nice …

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violent planting trees

Then the interviewee, Paulo Freire, from that same book replied,“Yes, yes, yes. Planting a tree can be also a creative and artistic job. Unbdoubtedly, the veery movement of the body in order to make the hole–there is ritual, there is harmony, there is contradiction in this. The very process of planting is very interesting; in …

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radical planting trees

There’s this neat section in a book i’m reading…“I have a friend who is an artist who said that he felt the most radical thing that he could do was to plant trees in the communities where there are no trees, to give some living beauty to the people in that community, to give them …

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Bowling Alone

I just bought a book, “Bowling Alone” by Robert D. Putnam. It looks like to be a very good book. You can buy the book too, and we can discuss it. (just shoot me an email at: [email][/email] to let me know that you got the book). You can get the book at: Here’s …

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