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Justice within the Arctic Circle: front of card

Justice within the Arctic Circle

A bizarre trading card from 1936 appeared in my search for arctic cards on 1936 G-Men & Heroes of the Law R60 #72 – Justice Within The Arctic Circle [Good to VG‑EX] The back of the card reads: “Official” Stories from records of G-Men and Famous Police Organizations and Heroes of the Law. Copr. […]

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Magazine Rack Tower 2

Two towers

Funny seeing these two photos next to each other in my flickr photostream. One a tower built of glass and steel. The other, made of plastic magazine racks. Both have a gleaming highlight stream across their surface. One a desirable high-end place to live. The other, unwanted garbage from a goneby print era.

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Kickapoo tshirts, bracelets, and hats for sale

Two Kickapoo State Parks in America

As if having one state park named Kickapoo in Texas wasn’t enough. There’s also a Kickapoo State Recreation Area in Illinois. The folks in Oakwood, IL must have had some fun naming their road Kickapoo Park Road and the loading dock, Kickapoo Landing. Wait, there are 12 places named Kickapoo in America: — Kickapoo Township, […]

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Monarch butterfly pattern

Monarch butterfly pattern

For my mom’s birthday card, I’m using an image of a Monarch butterfly (i’ll post the image sometime soon). I always like to make custom envelopes, because we have a printer at work that can make 11×17 prints. This particular envelope was easy. I just cropped the wing of the butterfly to get most of […]

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Reading a newspaper standing is like...

Reading a newspaper is like…

… wearing a kilt. It’s long and drapes down. Reading a newspaper. How quaint. Real paper. Real ink. Big paper, at that. Paper so long that it drapes down in front of you. The paper blows around in the wind. Such old traditions. Some people still wear kilts. Some people still read print newspapers.

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The creatures that carry around liquids

Imagine arriving to another world in the morning. The planet is inhabited with creatures carrying open containers filled with liquid. That would be kinda strange, right? There are no other creatures on planet earth that carry around containers of liquid in the morning. Oh wait. Humans. With coffee. Do humans really need coffee THAT badly […]

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What the Post Office tells us about zip codes for the White House and President

Oddities lurk in the list of all the White House zip codes

  What is the zip code for the White House? The Post Office suggests many zip codes for the White House. Use the Post Office Zip Code suggestion form, and search for: 600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The Post Office gives this list of zip code suggestions: 20500-0001: PRESIDENT 20500-0002: FIRST LADY 20500-0003: WHITE HOUSE 20500-0004: THE WHITE HOUSE […]

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