America 24/7 accepted me into the Illinois book!

Great news! An America 24/7 rep sent me an email saying that I was accepted into the Illinois book! I’m waiting for her to respond with which photo was accepted. Here’s a gallery of the 50 photos I submitted: At this page, each photo has the actual description that was submitted to the contest. …

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Why I Like Snow

1) Snow transforms our landscape. A whole new visual world great for for photographing. 2) Observing evidence of action. * Where animals/humans have been. * What areas are warmer than others (where snow melts one side of the street, but not the other. Or how snow melts on rooftops) 3) Snowball fights. There’s just something …

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UFO Shooting Camera

View this %%265-6561_IMG_400.jpg]image and answer this question: A) Does this toy shoot out discs that look like UFOs or B) Does this toy shoot discs at UFOs? inspired by mindbending power of the alien, David Rothkopf


Here is a bunch of research on the currently available watchcameras. I’m opting for the cheaper $40 WQV1.