Melting snow makes music on xylofone

When I see something like this that’s so cool, it makes me want to do it too. But then since it’s already done, i’m happy that someone saved me the work of producing the video. (via wooster collective) I’ve thought about shooting this with dripping rainwater at the Western brown line stop, but Michal Koh√∫t’s …

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I’d like to see Walter Payton run

How did the great Walter Payton run? I’m curious to see this great running back play in one full regular game. I was in 5th grade when the Bears won the Super Bowl in 1986, so I don’t really remember all that much about him, especially comparing him to the players of today. If you …

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Top ten musicians of 2010

In 2010, I listened to 10,450 songs. Here’s a playlist with the top ten artists. I picked one song for each artist. You can click the widget and it’ll play 30-second clips of all 10 songs. (note, if you cannot see the widget below this text, please visit the blog post Top ten musicians of …

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Top song of October 2010 is a robot love story

My most listened-to song of October 2010 is Lelia Broussard’s Satelitte (a robot love story). Available on and iTunes. Lelia Broussard is also my most played artist of October 2010.

Matt Maldre’s wish list

Everyone should have an Amazon wish list. 1. It’s handy for yourself to keep track of things you want. 2. It helps keep you from making unneeded spontaneous buys. (When you see an item that interests you, put it on your wish list and see if you still want it 24 hours later) 3. People …

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IDEA: Take a bouncy ball, attach a note saying, “Have some fun today”

Leave bouncy balls in public areas for people to have fun. Really push the message across by attaching a note. Here’s some ideas what the note could say: — Have some fun today — — Carry this ball around with you all day — — Give this ball to someone — — I hope you …

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Do monkeys drink water?

I was just wondering if monkeys drink water. I never saw a monkey drink water. Maybe monkeys don’t drink water. But then a friend happily shared this video with me, Youtube – Monkey Drinking and Playing with Water. I want to drink water like this monkey. Note: this video is more fun to watch with …

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What if animals could use guns

I’m so glad that animals can’t use guns. A friend caught a poisonous scorpion in his garage. Just imagine if the scorpion could shoot out poison. It could just sit there and choose its targets to shoot. Are there animals that have the ability to shoot at their opponent? Sure some animals are in of …

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