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garbage rummaging

Today at lunch, there was an elderly fellow dressed in a clean sport jacket and khaki pants who was rummaging through the McDonalds trash cans outside. My first thoughts were that he was homeless searching for food. But then I thought maybe he had accidentally tossed something away. It’s something how we immediately assume somebody …

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Literal marathon runners

I went to the 25th Chicago Marathon this weekend and held up a sign. The sign had two sides to it, so I could turn it around to change my message (quite brilliant if you ask me). One side said “YOU CAN DO IT”. Y’know nice message for the runners. The other side said “RUN …

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you are gross

What’s the grossest cooking thing you do?Here’s two of mine: Put 3 overeasy eggs between two untoasted pieces of bread, and put bar-be-que sauce on them! When I run out of milk, you can put water on your Coco Puffs. Warning. This ONLY works on Coco Puffs. Don’t put water on any other cereal. There’s …

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Pepsi Cool Million

Pepsi’s newest promotion “Play Cool Million Cash Caps” seems like a big joke. You have to collect 11 caps each with a letter to spell out “COOL MILLION”. Yeah, what are the freakin chances of this? Right now, I’ve got letter “C”. I’m betting that the letter “M” or “N” is the million dollar letter, …

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bird poop tuesdays

Today, I was innocently standing at the train station when a stealth pigeon pooped all over my shoulder and arm. Last tuesday, I got bird poop on my back at McDonalds. It seems that Tuesdays are now my bird poop days, so I wrote a poem… Oh, the wretched day of tueTis my day of …

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2002 weather

The weather in chicago this year has been pretty flat. Warm winter, cool spring. Is it the stability of being in a palendromic year.

All-nighters and eating: part two

Here’s another trick about pulling all-nighters and eating. Instead of eating dinner at 6:00, eat it more around 9:00pm. That way the energy from your dinner will carry you through the night.

All-nighters and eating

When pulling an all-nighter, it’s critical to eat in the morning/afternoon afterwards. Even though your body may be tired, and you’re not really hungry. Not eating after staying up all night not only adds onto your tiredness, but multiplies it.

All colors brain

If you were to draw a human brain, what color would you make it? It can be any color. Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green.

chocolate vs. vanilla

A recent email I sent to the “vanilla queen” at What, is there some sort of vanilla brigade out there wanting to fully eliminate any traces of chocolate dominance from the planet? Face it you vanilla villians, Chocolate has you flat out beat in edible products. Yeah, you may have your stronghold on other …

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Pepsi Blue

I just made a new webpage dedicated to Pepsi Blue, the new berry-flavored drink that will be released soon. It’s got links to articles, pictures, tidbits, and even a fan club! Check it out now: Pepsi Blue