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All-nighters and eating: part two

Here’s another trick about pulling all-nighters and eating. Instead of eating dinner at 6:00, eat it more around 9:00pm. That way the energy from your dinner will carry you through the night.

All-nighters and eating

When pulling an all-nighter, it’s critical to eat in the morning/afternoon afterwards. Even though your body may be tired, and you’re not really hungry. Not eating after staying up all night not only adds onto your tiredness, but multiplies it.

All colors brain

If you were to draw a human brain, what color would you make it? It can be any color. Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green.

chocolate vs. vanilla

A recent email I sent to the “vanilla queen” at What, is there some sort of vanilla brigade out there wanting to fully eliminate any traces of chocolate dominance from the planet? Face it you vanilla villians, Chocolate has you flat out beat in edible products. Yeah, you may have your stronghold on other …

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Pepsi Blue

I just made a new webpage dedicated to Pepsi Blue, the new berry-flavored drink that will be released soon. It’s got links to articles, pictures, tidbits, and even a fan club! Check it out now: Pepsi Blue

power of the word

Yesterday, I went to a small talk at Tanagram Studio in Chicago. The owner of the studio, Lance Rutter opened with an interesting story his realization of the power of words. He was in college and became deathly ill after eating some fast food at a local Mexican restaurant, a burrito with everything on it. …

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Ice cream in the cold

Why eat ice cream when it’s hot outside? Does it really cool you down? If anything, I find it stressful trying to prevent my ice cream cone from melting. I would much rather have an ice cream cone out in the cold where I won’t have to worry about it melting. I feel more at …

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Croquet Coincedence

The official croquet of the Squirearchy is now made under the brand names of Wilson and Sportcraft. Amazing. Here’s the story no-point story: hey! i found the croquet set for lisa. I went over to sportmart during work. There’s one by the rock-n-roll mcdonalds. It’s freakin 8 stories tall of all sportmart. It was my …

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soda pop innovation

I purchased a coca-cola from a vending machine in the Aurora, IL trainstation. And the thing plunked down sooo hard that it got all fizzy. I think the soda pop companies should be some sort of cushioned thing at the bottom of the tray to help prevent the overfizziness of soda.

adobe buys good pizza

I just went to an adobe conference. They were providing lunch and mentioned they were gonna get pizza. I thought, “oh gee, your standard flat pizza.” But my to my delight, they got some really good stuffed pizza. And no, I didn’t go just for the free lunch, I also learned about Adobe’s new updates. …

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I have the urge for good ol’ greasy spoons Zorbas today. Zorbas is a restaurant in Normal, IL with cheap eats for breakfast.