Healthy living


I have the urge for good ol’ greasy spoons Zorbas today. Zorbas is a restaurant in Normal, IL with cheap eats for breakfast.

Tribune over Sun-Times

Another reason why the Tribune Company is superior over the Sun-Times. (both are competing newspapers in Chicago). This afternoon I got some Subway for lunch and walked over by the Sun-Times building to eat, because it was close by. Upon arrival at the plaza outside the Sun-Times building, it was difficult to find a place …

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24 tv show in vegtables

I was thinking of making a website with a parody of the popular tv show on fox called 24. The catch is that all the characters will be made out of fruits and vegetables. Here’s what i got so far:Jack Bauer: lemonTeri Bauer: kiwiKimberly Bauer: orangeNina Meyers: bananaTony Almeida: appleJamey Farrell: mushroomDavid Palmer: potato whatcha …

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What happened to Pepsi Clear?

Pepsi Clear also known as Crystal Pepsi and Crystal Clear Pepsi was a wonderful beverage back in the early 1990s. But it was only on the market for a short time. I absolutely loved this drink, so I have created a page dedicated to Pepsi Clear. It includes the largest set of links ever dedicated …

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CIA copycats Ghostbusters

The CIA has just revealed its new “Terrorist-Busters” logo. You have to see it to believe it…It looks just like the Ghostbusters logo of yesteryear. I feel safer already. Initially, I thought the logo was the brain fart of some loose cannon, but it is actually listed on the CIA’s official War on Terrorism page.

Pepsi Twist

Pepsi twist tastes like Pepsi with something wrong. Maybe I have a skewed perspective, because I’m not much of a pepsi fan to begin with. Pepsi Twist kinda tastes like selster water and pepsi mixed together.

Long Live Long Tables

I was taking my normal lunch today by myself. Which for a long time, I have greatly enjoyed sitting down and reading a book or magazine. But today I was thinking about how lunch used to be so different in high school. Looking back at lunch in high school, it was actually a enjoyable experience. …

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