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Moon Cheese for sale

Moon Cheese for sale

We all know the Moon is made of cheese. Even the Chinese know, because they are going to the Moon to bring back its delicious cheese. The taste is so out of this world! Why wait for the Chinese to mine more Moon Cheese? You can buy Moon Cheese straight from Amazon. This would make …

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28 degrees is not cold

I know people on other sub-zero-temperature planets who would love to have 28 degrees. When i tell them it’s 28 degrees, they say, “snaaaaap. it’s warm there!” Which planets? Ones in our galaxy. I talk with the peeps over in the Butterfly Cluster of the Orian-Cygnus Arm. Aka the constellation of Scorpius.

Pomegranate the magical fruit

Author Marco Buscaglia asks on his Facebook wall why pomegranates are appearing everywhere. Here’s why: Pomegranate is the magical fruit. One day Pomegranate was sitting on its magical throne in the land of fruit. It waved its magical fruit wand, and now it appears everywhere. The magic of Pomegranate. Drink of the magical pomegranate juice, …

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Who is going to offer frosting on coffee first?

I created a nuclear arms race between Starbucks, Caribou, and Dunkin Donuts. Last week I tweeted the following to ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME. They should offer frosting as a topping on coffees. @dunkindonuts @starbucks @cariboucoffee #getonit

Cupcakes and business cards

Last week I met someone online that will be attending a conference with me on May 1 for Eloqua. We exchanged contact info via email, and it got me thinking about how when I meet him in person and I’ll give him my business card, which will seem redundant, but also kinda, cuz it’s an …

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