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Planet Druidia?

28 degrees is not cold

I know people on other sub-zero-temperature planets who would love to have 28 degrees. When i tell them it’s 28 degrees, they say, “snaaaaap. it’s warm there!” Which planets? Ones in our galaxy. I talk with the peeps over in the Butterfly Cluster of the Orian-Cygnus Arm. Aka the constellation of Scorpius.

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Secret behind Chicago’s weather

All the weather we get comes from whatever Chicago’s Mother Nature is making for dinner. On hot days, she forgot to turn the oven off. In winter, she eats only ice cream for dinner. Sometimes she spills when rinsing the vegetables, that’s rain. (and the secret behind winning $3,000 cash is through the survey […]

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What makes a great veggie burger

A vegetarian unknowingly eats an Angus burger because an order gets flipped at the table. Read Leigh Hanlon tell his humorous story, Amtrak made me love veggie burgers or you can even listen to him tell the story. It’s under five minutes. I outline five criteria for veggie burgers in my reply to his post: […]

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When did the pomegranate become the world

Pomegranate the magical fruit

Author Marco Buscaglia asks on his Facebook wall why pomegranates are appearing everywhere. Here’s why: Pomegranate is the magical fruit. One day Pomegranate was sitting on its magical throne in the land of fruit. It waved its magical fruit wand, and now it appears everywhere. The magic of Pomegranate. Drink of the magical pomegranate juice, […]

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Trader Joe’s to be renamed RoboJoe’s

Free samples at Trader Joe’s are the best. The only thing I don’t like about the free samples is the friendly banter you have to make with the free sample artist behind the counter. On a Monday afternoon I picked up a free sample and free sample artist unintentionally acted like a robot. I picked […]

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Business cards and cupcakes

Cupcakes and business cards

Last week I met someone online that will be attending a conference with me on May 1 for Eloqua. We exchanged contact info via email, and it got me thinking about how when I meet him in person and I’ll give him my business card, which will seem redundant, but also kinda, cuz it’s an […]

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