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Corner Backery free combo

Make a pledge to Corner Bakery and get a free combo! My pledge for the Corner Bakery: 1) I will not eat as many Milk Chocolate Covered Mint Espresso Beans, even though I’m totally stuffing my face with them now. But I WILL stop. 2) And then I shall watch what I eat and go […]

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THE Pink Donut

The mysterious pink donut without sprinkles

I highly encourage you to leave a comment on sparx’s photo of a pink donut with no sprinkles. Here’s a highlight-worthy comment: maybe the donut has an anti-sprinkle deflector shield. I bet now that the donut is inside you, you now have an anti-sprinkle deflector shield around you. And when you poop that donut out, […]

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Make the ultimate chocolate cereal mix

Thanks to lokate’s discovery of Brownie Crunch, a new idea has been born. An idea that will revolutionize how you eat cereal–chocolate cereal. It’s so incredible, I can’t decide what to name it. Take all the chocolate cereals and combine them into one cereal. Oh chocolatey goodness! This is how to start your morning. This […]

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You're a teaniac (tea maniac)

You’re a teaniac (tea maniac)

Rebelliousbird recently called me a teaniac (tea maniac). What other combinations are there? teaver (tea + believer) teatee (tea + devotee) teaddict (tea + addict) teaiast (tea + enthusiast) teaical (tea + radical) teaist (tea + extremist) teak (tea + freak) tealot (zealot + tea) tean (tea + fan) teaniac (tea + maniac) teatric (tea […]

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%%title%% receipt gets you a free donut

Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins have some nice cashiers. Today on my Fruit Blast Strawberry receipt said, “Hey America! Want a free donut when you purchase a medium or larger beverage? Go to” On the survey they ask, “Please tell us what you liked most about your experience at this Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins. Feel free […]

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Keeping the cold inside your jacket

When you walk into a store from the cold, do you unzip your jacket to get warm? Sometimes I think that if I keep my jacket zipped up, I will keep the cold inside my jacket. Think about it. When you want to keep something cold, you put it inside a bunch of insulation. Let’s […]

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A summer solstice tradition

A summer solstice tradition

Celebrate the day with the most sunlight by pulling an all-nighter outside. I accidentally did this a few years ago as I locked myself out of my apartment at 11pm. I didn’t want to wake up the building engineer to let me in, so I just walked around a bunch. And then went to the […]

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Tootin like a ballootin

Next time someone tells you, “I’m tootin like a ballotin,” you can respond with, “Yes, I appreciate your flatulence metaphorical reference to a deep decorative rectangular cardboard box with overhanging edges used for packaging chocolate candies.” “How about we get ourselves a ballotin of Godiva chocolates?”

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