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Who is going to offer frosting on coffee first?

I created a nuclear arms race between Starbucks, Caribou, and Dunkin Donuts. Last week I tweeted the following to ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME. They should offer frosting as a topping on coffees. @dunkindonuts @starbucks @cariboucoffee #getonit 10 reasons why frosting should be offered as a topping on coffee drinks (updated 5/14/2023)

Cupcakes and business cards

Last week I met someone online that will be attending a conference with me on May 1 for Eloqua. We exchanged contact info via email, and it got me thinking about how when I meet him in person and I’ll give him my business card, which will seem redundant, but also kinda, cuz it’s an …

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Corner Backery free combo

Make a pledge to Corner Bakery and get a free combo! My pledge for the Corner Bakery: 1) I will not eat as many Milk Chocolate Covered Mint Espresso Beans, even though I’m totally stuffing my face with them now. But I WILL stop. 2) And then I shall watch what I eat and go …

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You’re a teaniac (tea maniac)

Rebelliousbird recently called me a teaniac (tea maniac). What other combinations are there? teaver (tea + believer) teatee (tea + devotee) teaddict (tea + addict) teaiast (tea + enthusiast) teaical (tea + radical) teaist (tea + extremist) teak (tea + freak) tealot (zealot + tea) tean (tea + fan) teaniac (tea + maniac) teatric (tea …

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