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Stamps from FI-467406

Finland stamps are the cutest stamps in the world

Finland’s stamps feature the cutest illustrations and photos. Cartoon hippos camping, animals dancing around a Christmas tree, funky shaped stamps, raspberry delights, snow dogs. C’mon you can’t beat that. This is going to make me a collector of Finnish stamps. A great big thanks to Greatscott66 for posting these. He posts fun stamps that he […]

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Worms by Jean et Melo

The best 29 worm art and photos

A friend of mine is ordering a pound of worms for a worm bin. A pound of worms are available in the mail! Worms traveling through the mail. It’s like they are worming their way through. What a delight! Also the idea of a POUND of worms is interesting. We normally don’t think of worms […]

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Whiteboard games

Guess –Guess the number of beans in container Question/Answer –Caption contest –Draw map of world with imperative, mark where you want to go. –Vote on something. Favorite this or that. Hang up drawings. Puzzle –Crossword puzzle Facts –Mark heights of people –World records of food sizes. Print out images of worlds largest fruits, vegetables, then […]

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Wet window drawings

Wet window drawings

The rain soaked windows of the “That’s Our Bag” store in downtown Chicago left a great opportunity waiting for someone to draw something on the windows. I was talking on my cell phone with my girlfriend and drew some faces on the windows. I have to admit I felt like I was at a loss […]

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