Vitner’s Vinnie

On Vitner’s Pretzel Superthins appears a mascot called “Vinnie” playing a pretzel trumpet. Vinnie strikes an uncanny resemeblance to an illustration I did for General Electric’s phone accessories in 2000. What is it with generic cartoon red sunglasses, and gloves on the hands? I think the gloves are to help keep that fine line between …

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Comcast Customer Service illustration

A freelance project where I provided this illustration and some words on a platter. They wanted a hispanic call center man, and an African-American women in a hard hat. They were to add their own words to the platter and to the circle.

Groundhog Day Card 2002

Groundhog’s Day Card 2002 On 02/02/2002 Groundhog’s day, these two groundhogs both came out of their homes to predict the spring or winter. However you cannot have two groundhogs predicting the season. Therefore, it made most logical sense for them to duke it out in croquet for the title of “Groundhog Supreme.” See a couple …

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United Way: That 70’s Campaign

Every year Tribune Media Services has a campaign to raise money for United Way. In 2001, the theme is That Seventies Campaign.

Rubbermaid Tough Stuff

Freelance illustration for Rubbermaid. They wanted a big fat heavy football player sitting on top of a rubbermaid container.

United Way Sweet Taste of Success

Every year Tribune Media Services has a campaign to raise money for United Way. In 2000, the theme is Sweet Taste of Success. Close-up: Deskdrop: Poster: Tallyboard:

ScumBugs logo

In the screw-making industry, grease is used to carve out the threads on a screw. It’s labor intensive to remove the grease. Enter scumbugs. ScumBugs is 50-gallon buckets of water with microscopic ameobas that eat the grease off screws. A product sold to the machinery industry, it had to be tough, but not too tough. …

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Kensington Products on Runway

Kensington released a new line of office products to hold CDs, diskettes and other media. This line of products is so sleek and well-designed they are walking down a runway much to the pleasure of the CDs, floppy diskettes and zip disks in the crowd. I originally created this illustration in Illustrator, and then brought …

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Chicago illustrations

The agency that I worked for, Sales Solutions, put together a planner jam-packed with local and national events and marketing √¨starter ideas√Æ to put our clients in a promotional state of mind. A series of tips included the “Chicago Hot Tip.” Every month we suggested how to combine a seasonal event in Chicago with a …

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