purple teddy bear sitting in window for #TeddyBearHunt

Teddy Bear Hunt

People are setting teddy bears in their front window, so people can walk around on a #teddybearhunt making your neighborhood friendlier. Here’s our little purple bear. Put a bear in your window. More teddy bears people have put in their window

Fun with toilet paper from the past

Google Photos is a lot of fun. Upload all your photos, and Google will use artificial intelligence to identify what’s in your photos. Since everyone has been talking about toilet paper for the past week, I searched for the in-demand product in my Google Photos. Here’s what the past has brought up. 2011: One sheet …

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Einstein on time being a stubbornly persistent illusion

What is time? Shortly before his death, Albert Einstein wrote: “The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” What is the context of this quote? I accidentally came across a discussion about this quote in a podcast that appeared at the top of my Soundcloud stream: Carlo Rovelli — …

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wearing rubber gloves using my own sharpie while voting

Voting with rubber gloves

What better thing to do when a pandemic virus is spreading than to go to a public place to vote? Despite COVID-19, I voted today! Everyone politely stood six feet apart in the line. With rubber gloves on my hands, I avoided touching anything inside my polling place. While waiting in line, I thought about …

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Pancake Robot by Parry Gripp

Memorizing Pancake Robot lyrics

“Pancake Robot” by Parry Gripp is such a fun song to memorize the lyrics. Anytime you have pancakes, you can bust out some lyrics from this song. Like this little verse: The pancake robot is coming to townHe’s mixing up the batter and he’s laying it downButtermilk, blueberry, chocolate chip50 million pancakes he’s gonna flip …

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The Extreme Bean Pickled Beans (Hot & Spicty) by Matt & Steve's

The very far corner of Mariano’s has this fartastic product

When I’m grocery shopping, I like to see what product is in the very furthest corner of the store. Here is Mariano’s most remote product: THE EXTREME BEAN: Pickled Beans (Hot & Spicy) made by “Matt & Steve’s” That’s right, not only is this pickled beans, it’s also made by a company with my name …

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Matt, your concepts are worth publishing.

When spam texts are encouraging

Spam text has to be one of most annoying forms of online communication. It feels like an invasion of privacy. HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER?! But today I got a spam message that was rather nice. Well, if you have to receive spam text, it might as well be encouraging. I didn’t click on …

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Xerox print of my colorful striped socks dancing on a copier

If I had a mannequin foot…

I almost xeroxed my socks yesterday, but then I thought that was going too far putting my foot on the copier. Perhaps I need a mannequin foot. If i had a mannequin foot… I would walk around with three feet. I’d make up new games of soccer where I can play sitting on the ground. …

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