Sticker for “I got my COVID-19 vaccine”

Now I have a vaccine sticker and a “I voted” sticker from the DuPage County Fairgrounds. I hope the Fairgrounds hands out stickers for all their events!

Enhanced weekly electricity reports

Every week ComEd, my electricity company, sends me a report on how much electricity I’ve used in the past week. This report is very helpful, because it compares this week to last week. If I changed any of my electricity habits, like not running the dehumidifier, I can see the impact right away. Why weekly …

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MAR 10 is MARIO day

I saw on National Day Calendar that today is National Mario Day. Now I know why it’s on March 10. Funny how National Day Calendar’s page doesn’t mention anything about how MAR 10 looks like MARIO. I love little word plays like this. It’s like May 4th being Star Wars day (aka “May the 4th …

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The Spudart Notepad

A new section on for ideas I’m building a place on for my quick thoughts and beginning ideas. This will be public place on the site for anyone to see. I have so many unpublished ideas that never get out there. I feel like there should be some place for these things to …

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Two simple minutes

When you see something interesting, you might stop, pull out your phone and snap a pic. Then you move on. Good for you to stop and capture the picture! But what if you spent a little more time with that interesting subject? Maybe slow down and take a one-minute video. That’s what David Friedman of …

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