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Pancake Robot by Parry Gripp

Memorizing Pancake Robot lyrics

“Pancake Robot” by Parry Gripp is such a fun song to memorize the lyrics. Anytime you have pancakes, you can bust out some lyrics from this song. Like this little verse: The pancake robot is coming to townHe’s mixing up the batter and he’s laying it downButtermilk, blueberry, chocolate chip50 million pancakes he’s gonna flip […]

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Matt, your concepts are worth publishing.

When spam texts are encouraging

Spam text has to be one of most annoying forms of online communication. It feels like an invasion of privacy. HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER?! But today I got a spam message that was rather nice. Well, if you have to receive spam text, it might as well be encouraging. I didn’t click on […]

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Xerox print of my colorful striped socks dancing on a copier

If I had a mannequin foot…

I almost xeroxed my socks yesterday, but then I thought that was going too far putting my foot on the copier. Perhaps I need a mannequin foot. If i had a mannequin foot… I would walk around with three feet. I’d make up new games of soccer where I can play sitting on the ground. […]

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Origami box folded from paper plate

Folding a round paper plate into square box

Most origami starts with a square sheet of paper. The corners of the square are integral to shapes and folding lines. Would it be possible to fold a ROUND sheet of paper into a SQUARE box? And not just any ordinary round sheet of paper, but a PAPER PLATE. Maybe your blueberries are rolling off […]

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Twiter sleeping, napping, vacation

Giving up tweeting for one week

I’m thinking about giving up tweeting for one week, and instead write out all my thoughts and reactions on my blog. So far this year, I’ve been having a lot of fun blogging more. In the past decade when I have an idea, I would head to Twitter and blurt it out. Now, writing out […]

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Sorry! I got distracted.

Christmas cards coming

Sorry! I got distracted. I’m sorry everyone, I should be stuffing my Christmas cards into envelopes to get them mailed, but I’m writing a blog post instead! Soon I’ll publish a fun blog post about a wonderful (and relatively unknown) artist I discovered at the Art Institute of Chicago this year. You’ll get your Christmas […]

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