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Giving meaning to every pixel in a QR code

My work locker is stuffed with candy. Actually, it’s overflowing with candy. I take breaks throughout the day, and stand by my locker snacking on all sorts of candy. It’s my attempt to eat less candy at my desk. Today, I rather enjoyed the quiet of the locker area. Our new workspaces at Tribune are […]

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Idea: photoshop 50 flags onto one pole

What would a flag pole look like with 50 flags all at the same height? Outside my window fly 50 state flags in a plaza. I love looking at these flags. On a very windy day, I’m thinking about making a video of each state flag. For each flag stand I would stand directly underneath […]

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Stack of letters with love stamp

Love to mail

Mailing birth announcements today reminds me how much I love mailing things to people. Today I have a whole stack of love to share! I love how the postal mail is like the internet. Today I dropped off letters to an internet outpost (aka post office). I still have a more envelopes to address, and […]

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Christmas cards mailed to me in 2018

Why I keep Christmas envelopes

I love keeping the envelopes from mailed Christmas cards. Handwriting What did so-and-so’s handwriting look like? Nowadays the only time we see someone’s handwriting is on the envelope of a Christmas card. Is it messy? Neat? While spring cleaning in May, I came across a box of envelopes that I kept from the 2018 Christmas […]

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Sewing as Kintsugi

You know what I like to do when I’m on the Metra? I like to sew. I repair gloves. I’ve had these gloves since college, making them at least twenty years old. My Aunt Grace and Uncle Jerry gave them to me. Since I’ve had them for so long, I don’t want to get rid […]

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