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In a typical week, do you practice any of the following mind-body techniques for stress relief or health

Adding prayer to 23andMe’s survey

The genetic service 23andMe has DNA samples from over 3,000,000 individuals, including myself. They ask these people to fill out surveys to help uncover genetic connections to allergies, psychiatric disorders, and diseases. I love filling out the surveys to help them do their research. A number of the surveys I participated in have resulted in […]

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BBQ turkey leg at 2018 Taste of Chicago with Buckingham Fountain

Taste of Chicago titanic turkey leg timeline

The giant BBQ turkey leg is the Taste of Chicago’s most iconic menu offering. A giant Fred Flinstone-sized turkey leg slathered in BBQ sauce. Guaranteed to make a mess. Guaranteed to be fun to shred apart. (My ten tips on how to eat the BBQ turkey leg) The giant drumstick was introduced at the Taste […]

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Tribune Tower flying buttresses

Why I’m not that sad to leave the Tribune Tower

Many of the Tribune journalists have been tweeting and writing emotional stories about leaving the Tribune Tower. The Tribune big columnists are writing some very poignant stories. Page two columnist John Kass, architecture critic Blair Kamin, Pulitzer-Prize winner Mary Schmich have all weighed in. Everyone seems to be so sad that we are leaving the […]

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THANK goodness I didn’t choose focus

Embrace being a multipassionate by @VioletaNedkova

Are you a creative that feels like your personal work lacks focus? That your mind is all over the place with too many projects? It’s ok. More than ok, it’s wonderful! This Twitter thread by Violeta Nedkova will encourage you to embrace your many passions. You are a multipassionate! You can thrive with your variety […]

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