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Christmas cards mailed to me in 2018

Why I keep Christmas envelopes

I love keeping the envelopes from mailed Christmas cards. Handwriting What did so-and-so’s handwriting look like? Nowadays the only time we see someone’s handwriting is on the envelope of a Christmas card. Is it messy? Neat? While spring cleaning in May, I came across a box of envelopes that I kept from the 2018 Christmas […]

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Sewing as Kintsugi

You know what I like to do when I’m on the Metra? I like to sew. I repair gloves. I’ve had these gloves since college, making them at least twenty years old. My Aunt Grace and Uncle Jerry gave them to me. Since I’ve had them for so long, I don’t want to get rid […]

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Paper ornament or plastic ornament?

Beta preview of the Maldre Christmas card

I have a penchant for creating really complicated Christmas cards. This year I decided to print fifty photos onto strips of paper. Then slide those strips into a clear plastic ornament. Kinda crazy. But also kinda fun. Here’s a preview of our Christmas card: There are six strips of paper inside this ornament. Sliding the […]

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Kitten Yoga planner calendar found at Jewel-Osco grocery store

Yoga Kittens discovered at a grocery store

Your local grocery store is a discovery-land, full of many hidden treasures. Today I found such a gold mine. My wife Sarah has a Secret Santa at work that likes yoga. She asked me to go to Jewel to see if they have any yoga magazines. Sarah was putting the presents inside a cute, fuzzy, […]

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Christmas projection lights

Christmas projection lights, your thoughts?

You know those projection Christmas lights? I can’t decide if they are incredibly awesome, or incredibly lazy. I suppose it depends on how you do implement the projection lights alongside other decorations. Pair it up nicely with other decorations, and it might be pretty cool. If it’s the only decoration you put up — well, […]

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