The image of a plain beige flag, created in the style of Impressionist painters, is now ready. It embodies the unique brushstrokes, light, and atmosphere characteristic of Impressionist art.

Reclaiming the ‘beige flag’: celebrating everyday uniqueness

Embracing our quirks! Did you know the term ‘beige flag’ isn’t just for relationships anymore? It’s about celebrating the unique, everyday traits that make us who we are. From consistent breakfast routines to peculiar music tastes, let’s celebrate our individuality!

Keeping track of where you’d like to visit

Curating the ultimate adventure catalog! My Google Sheet holds 279 must-visit spots, from art museums to bicycle collections. Stay tuned for more categories like sculpture parks and famous trees!

Making notepad pages for 2023

Writing is not only about getting thoughts out of your head, but also about putting thoughts into your head.

Your age in circles drawn on a sheet of paper

A fun exercise that takes less than one minute: Take your current age in years, and draw the same number of circles on a sheet of paper, without lifting your pencil/pen.

What’s in your pencil cup?

Participate in #mypencilcup by photographing what’s in your pencil cup.