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Who wrote most of the articles you read this year?

Take all the articles you’ve read the past year. Imagine if you could automatically build a list the author names who wrote most of those articles? Would you find that sort of service helpful? On my content strategy blog, I write about such an idea. Read the post and let me know what you think […]

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Evernote blog drafts

How I built up 901 unpublished blog drafts

Ever run out of ideas for what to write about? My cousin Peter was experiencing writers block for his blog. Here’s how to build up a list of ideas to write about. 1. Keep ALL your blog drafts in one place. You might have ideas on scraps of paper. Or in various email drafts. Put […]

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traffic stats for from 2008 to 2015

A new coming soon!

In the coming weeks, a redesigned will be launched. All 25,000 comments will be back on the site–including all the comments from Facebook. I’m also hoping that all the blog posts will be categorized and tagged. Although that feature might come later. From 2008-2011, was regularly pulling in 70,000 visitors a month. But […]

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Enjoying the view from my lady ships window. #snowday #gentlemansquirrel

#gentlemansquirrel on instagram

OMG. I thought there would be zero results on instagram #gentlemansquirrel but there is this wonderful photo! Enjoying the view from my lady ships window. #snowday #gentlemansquirrel A photo posted by Montery Ephram Darvill (@mrmontydarvill) on Apr 15, 2013 at 7:07am PDT

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s I'm buying 3 more Muppets comic books, I'm finding comic book taste is skewing more to kids books :)

Muppets the comic book

The Muppets comic book (2009-2012) is EXCELLENT! If you like the Muppets, go to your nearest comic book store and pick up the compilation, “The Muppets Omnibus.” (or get it from Amazon) It’s seriously one of the best comics to ever come out. The Muppets are a perfect fit for the comic book format. The […]

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You're the dreadlock cactus by Jason DeVoll

What would you say about this cactus?

“You’re the dreadlock cactus,” says Jason DeVoll the photographer of this image, “I don’t care about ‘official names’” I say, “It’s alive!–oh wait, of course it’s alive. It’s a plant. ha. The sign looks so tiny next to this cactus monster. I’m surprised the cactus hasn’t eating the sign yet.” What would you say about […]

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I almost brought my bat with me to vote

Should you bring a baseball bat to the voting booth?

Every year my company, Tribune Media Services, used to have award ceremonies. One of the awards was Rookie of the Year with the trophy/plaque thing being an actual Louisville Slugger baseball bat customized with the recipient’s name and his/her first year at the company. I won the award in 2000. Today I was going to […]

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Infographic listing 65 translations of

How to say “honeymoon” in 65 languages

Honeymoon is such an interesting word. The Japanese have a fun way of translating the word (as covered on my wedding blog). The French literally translates it as “moon of honey,” as seen on 1540s, hony moone, but probably much older, “indefinite period of tenderness and pleasure experienced by a newly wed couple,” from […]

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Indoor basketball court

Five fictional accounts respond to house with indoor basketball court

How would you react to discovering that an indoor basketball court is inside a 9,500 square foot house in the heart of one of Chicago’s most expensive neighborhoods? RT @curbedchicago: This huge 9500 sq. ft. Lincoln Park home has an indoor basketball court. — Paul Biasco (@Paul_Biasco) October 7, 2014   Some of […]

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