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Kitten Yoga planner calendar found at Jewel-Osco grocery store

Yoga Kittens discovered at a grocery store

Your local grocery store is a discovery-land, full of many hidden treasures. Today I found such a gold mine. My wife Sarah has a Secret Santa at work that likes yoga. She asked me to go to Jewel to see if they have any yoga magazines. Sarah was putting the presents inside a cute, fuzzy, […]

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Christmas projection lights

Christmas projection lights, your thoughts?

You know those projection Christmas lights? I can’t decide if they are incredibly awesome, or incredibly lazy. I suppose it depends on how you do implement the projection lights alongside other decorations. Pair it up nicely with other decorations, and it might be pretty cool. If it’s the only decoration you put up — well, […]

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warm sidewalk

Observations of first snow, 2018

First snow! Hooray! Snow normally arrives in Chicago on November 17th. Mother Nature Chicago tweeted a great graphic by the Chicago Tribune: This year, on November 11th, the snow as a tad early. I woke up a bit surprised to see snow on the ground. I put on my snow boots and my daughter’s shoes. […]

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wfmt concert at chicago cultural center live stream on facebook

Listening to opera and podcasts at the same time

I love listening to the WFMT concert every Wednesday. They broadcast it live from the Chicago Cultural Center. One of my favorite places in Chicago, it’s also now right across the street from where I work! I go to the Cultural Center often for a late lunch, but I haven’t yet been able to go […]

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In a typical week, do you practice any of the following mind-body techniques for stress relief or health

Adding prayer to 23andMe’s survey

The genetic service 23andMe has DNA samples from over 3,000,000 individuals, including myself. They ask these people to fill out surveys to help uncover genetic connections to allergies, psychiatric disorders, and diseases. I love filling out the surveys to help them do their research. A number of the surveys I participated in have resulted in […]

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BBQ turkey leg at 2018 Taste of Chicago with Buckingham Fountain

Taste of Chicago titanic turkey leg timeline

The giant BBQ turkey leg is the Taste of Chicago’s most iconic menu offering. A giant Fred Flinstone-sized turkey leg slathered in BBQ sauce. Guaranteed to make a mess. Guaranteed to be fun to shred apart. (My ten tips on how to eat the BBQ turkey leg) The giant drumstick was introduced at the Taste […]

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