Naked Christmas tree

Naked tree

Lisa and I ripped off all the branches on my Christmas tree (so the branches could fit into the recycling bags)

IKEA Holiday 2002 Catalog

I just found the IKEA christmas catalog in the garbage at work today. Score!

Twin questions

I’ve found that when I tell someone that I’m a twin, I get some typical questions: Are you identical? How far apart were you born? Can you feel your twin’s pain? What’s it like being a twin? I came up with a funny response for #2: “I think we were born about 4 minutes apart, …

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Literal marathon runners

I went to the 25th Chicago Marathon this weekend and held up a sign. The sign had two sides to it, so I could turn it around to change my message (quite brilliant if you ask me). One side said “YOU CAN DO IT”. Y’know nice message for the runners. The other side said “RUN …

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Mr. Green

While purchasing the new Sobe Mr. Green drink at Walgreens, I commented to Lisa about how I liked the dinosaur on the label. The Walgreens cashier corrected me and said, “it’s a lizard. NOT a dinosaur.” So I replied, “it will still be a dinosaur in my mind.” and walked away.

57 degrees

I love 57 degrees. It’s the perfect weather. You can wear a jacket You don’t have to wear a jacket It’s cool Crisp Don’t sweat Have the windows open

Kung Fu Hampster

I was at Walgreens during lunch today and I ran into this Singing Kung-Fu Hamster. Squeeze his hand and he sings the pop dance song, “Ku Fu Fighting.” But the killer winner of them all is the spinning nunchucks! I’m surprised that they can sell this, because the spinning nunchuck looks very dangerous. But that …

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Digital frame for dad

My brother, sister and I are getting my dad a digital frame for his birthday. It’s a 5″x7″ LCD screen in a picture frame that he can hang up. It plugs into the phone outlet, so we can download pictures to it. Hopefully, it will work good.

Wrigley Building in purple light, January 2002


I miss the snow. It’s fun to take pictures in the snow.

Last day of age

On my last day as being age 25, I face a tradition that has eerily followed me since my senior year in college. On the day before my birthday, I become a lot more focused and productive with my artwork. Nov 19, 1996 (senior year)I produced the award winning photos of my head in a …

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