How coins can inspire you

A sand dune landscape invites you to be transported to another place.

Estonian 2 Kroon bills for fun

I paid $1.88 for a 2 Krooni from Estonia. The Kroon is—was—Estonian’s form of currency. The word “kroon” translates to “crown”. (Kroon is singular, Krooni is plural. Please excuse me if I use the wrong form in this post.) Paying $1.88 for a 2 Kroon bill sounds like a deal, right? Yeah, I’m pretty much …

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Philly transit tokens, photo by ryangs

Transit tokens as investment

Philadelphia is retiring their transit tokens. I urge people to go and buy as many tokens as you can. They will be worth the investment 20 years from now. How? Let’s use Chicago as an example. In 1999 Chicago phased out their transit coins. At the time, fares cost $1.00. Now the CTA tokens are …

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Spend this dollar wisely

Spend wisely or foolishly?

With a dollar bill you are one-millionth on the way to becoming a millionaire. I came across a photo I took a couple years ago of a dollar bill with this message. This photo prompted me to write another message on a dollar bill. The first thought that came to mind was to recommend someone …

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Xanga logos squished

Three things not to do when asking for money

The 15-year-old blogging platform Xanga is about to shut down. To revive the site, they are asking users for $48/year. However, Xanga demonstrated three things not to do when asking for money. 1) Don’t use two spaces after periods. My goodness. We live in an age where nobody uses typewriters anymore. Why would you ever …

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Wow! Ten bucks!

Write messages on dollar bills

Ever have a brilliant idea to capture, but don’t have any paper nearby? Why not write your idea on a dollar bill? That way everyone in the world can be a part of reading your idea. You can also write suggestions on dollar bills for people to discover. It makes spending money even more fun. …

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Fantasy Money League

There should be a fantasy football league that is just about money. People could say, “did you see how that money did?” And then someone else could say, “that money totally had all the money!” The third person would reply, “that was so on the money.”