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What will happen if we eliminate the penny

What will happen if the penny is gone

If we eliminate the American penny, the nickel will then be the penny. The dime will be the nickel. And the… dime… will be the QUARTER. And then we will have no quarters. Oh wait. The dollar coin will be the quarter. But the dollar bill will be the dollar. And then i’ll get a […]

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My penny backup plan

What I’ll do if America eliminates the penny

If America gets rid of our pennies. I’m gonna import the pennies from another country into our country. Like, lots of pennies. Maybe Canadian ones. That’s how I’ll pay for things. With Canadian pennies. America will think the penny is gone, but then BAM–this influx of Canadian pennies.

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Monopolizing the LEGO Ewok minifig market

Monopolizing the LEGO Ewok minifig market

There are only five different kinds of ewok LEGO mini-figs. They are sold buy hundreds of dealers on I’m thinking of buying all the LEGO ewok mini-figs under $10 and start selling them for ten bucks each. People gotta have their ewok mini-figs! Right now there are 705 ewoks for sale under ten bucks […]

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Happy 10/10/09–a near perfect 10 day

I feel like we are in the wrong year. Today is 10/10/09. Although it is rather comforting that we aren’t living THE perfect 10 day. We have some wiggle room for imperfection. By the way, this is my 2,000th blog post. I was gonna take a photo of 2,000 pennies (much like when I photographed […]

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