iPhone data usage

How much data do you use on your phone? I’m making this blog post to keep track of my data usage on my iPhone with AT&T. Seeing that this is a blog about art, maybe I should do something artistic with it. Should I make stacks of pennies where each penny is a megabyte? Or …

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What I’ll do if America eliminates the penny

If America gets rid of our pennies. I’m gonna import the pennies from another country into our country. Like, lots of pennies. Maybe Canadian ones. That’s how I’ll pay for things. With Canadian pennies. America will think the penny is gone, but then BAM–this influx of Canadian pennies.

Save money! Instead of rubber tires, get a bike with iron tires

In these harder times, bicycles with rubber tires are too expensive. Save your pennies and get a bicycle with iron tires. From the National Archives Chicago Facebook Page: Would you get a bicycle without rubber tires to save money? Please like the National Archives Chicago Facebook Page

Chicago Cubs Championship coins from 1907 and 1908

An eBay seller is trying to sell some “Chicago Cub Half Dollars from 1907 and 1908.” Only thing is that they are not Chicago Cub Half Dollars. They are merely normal half dollars from 1907 and 1908–the years the Cubs won the World Series. I sent a question to the seller, chicagosportsandmoresanto: ================= The image …

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