Bookmarklet for Amazon

You’re buying something on Amazon, and if you buy it through an associate (like me), I can make 5% of the order at no extra cost to you! So I’ve made a bookmarklet that will stick my associate code onto the Amazon items you’re about to buy. It works like this: 1. Drag this link …

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1000 Lire Found

In December I bought a used vertical file cabinet at a thrift store for ten dollars. What a find! It was literally an answer to a prayer (the filing cabinets we looked at other places were $75 and up). The bottom of the drawers were lined with Chicago Tribune newspapers from 1997 (rather fitting seeing …

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20 Reasons why the TV show “Deal Or No Deal” is exciting

The strategies of the “Deal or No Deal” producers used to make the game show more dramatic: 1) Dramatic Stage Host Howie Mandel stands in a quiet back room with 26 sealed suitcases numbered 1 to 26. One of those suitcases contains ONE MILLION DOLLARS. As he walks out of the back room explaining the …

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payment in two dollar bills

If you have a car or a large price item, and decide to sell it, you should ask for payment in two-dollar bills only. Imagine that, a lifetime supply of two dollar bills. Anytime you pay for something, you can shell out two-dollar bills. People will love it! Everyone loves the two-dollar bill!!!

Why do all American coins have the portraits in profile?

United States coins have always featured protraits from the side. The new 2006 Jefferson nickel will be the first to have a front-facing portrait. Why have all the previous coins had profiles for the portraits? Here’s some thoughts: A) Coins are flat. Doing a side portrait reinforces the nature of the coin’s flatness. A frontal …

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New forward-facing Jefferson nickel in 2006

After nearly 100 years of depicting presidents in somber profiles on the nation’s coins, the Mint is trying something different: The new nickel features Thomas Jefferson, facing forward, with the hint of a smile. The forward-looking 2006 nickel front was designed by Jamie Franki of Concord, North Carolina, using the Rembrandt Peale painting of 1800, …

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Animation of Rembrandt Peale/Thomas Jefferson nickel

Here is a comparison of the 1800 Rembrandt Peale painting and the 2006 United States nickel. (Here’s a slightly different animation of it with the coin at a lighter opacity: animation 2)

1975 quarters

I was born in 1975, such a nice number–75. Three quarters exactly. However, it’s funny U.S. didn’t make any quarter coins in 1975. The year of three quarters has no quarters.