A coin for every president

Per the request of Laura k to leave a political post, here’s one: Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky wants to replace Alexander Hamilton with Ronald Reagon on the $10 bill, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif) wants Reagan on the $20, and Rep. Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) prefers to replace John F. Kennedy on the 50-cent piece with …

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april fool’s day

Here’s a list of things I bought for April Fool’s Day: 2 Headed Nickel √ù√ù 7 or 11 Trick Dice√ù √ù√ù Creepy Cockroach√ù√ù Exploding Pen Exploding Toilet Seat Exploding Wallet√ù√ù√ù Fake Dog Poop√ù √ù√ù Gag Lotto 100 √ù√ù Horrible Finger√ù√ù Mini Rats 3″√ù√ù Pierced Finger√ù Poo Pen√ù √ù√ù Pulling Tricks√ù √ù√ù Razorblade Through Finger√ù Shock …

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New nickels unveiled

U.S. Mint to unveil new nickel designs. It’s interesting they chose to release two different designs. Perhaps to go with the phrase “rubbing two nickels together.” What does that phrase mean?

old twenty dollar bill no good by saturday

hey, with this new $20 bill, all of the old bills will no longer be valid by this saturday. You can just send them to me and i’ll take care of disposing of them.

What would you do with a billion pennies (without spending them?)

I would toss them all on the street and make a roadblock. Then I’d stand there and photograph people as they grab as many pennies as they can carry. That would be kinda interesting, because in all reality, you can’t really carry that many pennies. Once you get up to about $500 worth of pennies, …

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peace nickels (finding coins)

Ever lay a coin on the ground and see watch people’s reactions? Why not put a sticker on the back with a word to peak the finder’s curiousity. Or even better yet, use a combination of words so when the coins are picked up they can be read several different ways. Just as coins add …

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2-dollar bill

Everyone loves the two-dollar bill. It’s always a pleasant surprise to recieve one as change. And the joy of using at the cash register is immeasureable. The U.S. government should issue a new one-dollar bill in 2001, a new two-dollar bill in 2002, a new three-dollar bill in 2003… and so on. Imagine using a …

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lost money

I lost money this yesterday. At the train station, I thought I put $20 on my transit card. Walked through the turnstile and waited for the train. A lady came by and found $20 on the ground. She asked me if it was mine. I didn’t think it was (after all, i did get through …

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two dollars glued together

If you glue two one-dollar bills together so you cannot take them apart without destroying them, what is it worth? One dollar or two dollars? Yes, it is two dollars glued together, but since you cannot take them apart, you have destroyed the function of each dollar bill. Is it a new creation? A two-dollar …

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fun stuff

I just ordered a bunch of stuff off to promote my site. Here’s what i got:* 36 plastic leis (gonna put a little spudart tag on it)* 12 beach balls (with written on it)* 96 tiny plastic lizards (with written on the bottom)I’ll drop the lizards at random spots at the taste. …

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Ever notice how symmetrical the backs of U.S. coins are?* Penny: Lincoln memorial is very symmetrial* Nickel: Monticello’s building is very symmetrical* Dime: Torch flanked by an olive branch and oak branch is pretty symmetrical* Quarter: The eagle is very symmeterical, despite it’s head being turned one way* Dollar: Unsymmetrical eagle I was pleased to …

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