How to pull hex-values from an autocad color book “acb” file

The “.acb” file is actually an xml file. If you open the .acb file inside a text editor, you’ll see something like this: You’ll see the color values are stored in RGB format. We want them in hex. Steps to convert acb to hexvalues 1. Convert your acb file to a tab-delimited file 1a. Create …

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The Spudart Notepad

A new section on for ideas I’m building a place on for my quick thoughts and beginning ideas. This will be public place on the site for anyone to see. I have so many unpublished ideas that never get out there. I feel like there should be some place for these things to …

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The snot-freezing index is when it is truly cold outside and the snot freezes inside your nose. Anything warmer than that is not cold. This winter I finally determined the temperature when snot-freezing is in effect. It’s 5∆í.

squirrel conversation

here’s an instant message conversation I had with my twin brother about yesterday’s quote with squirrels and their highways.

squirrel highways

Telephone and electrical wires are the urban highways in the sky for squirrels