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Moon rock 76055 found in sidewalk planter on Michigan Avenue in Chicago

Moon Rocks Found in Chicago

Printouts of moon rocks are being found across downtown Chicago. On the back of each printout reads: You Found a Moon Rock! This printout is the exact same size of an actual lunar sample brought back from the surface of the moon. Take a photo of your moon rock and tag it #moonrockfound I will […]

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Carina Nebula wrapped around garbage can #starwraps

Celestial nebulas come to planet Earth

The textures of the nebulas play very nicely with the urban textures. The rust texture on a garbage can looks just like a nebula cloud. What is so large in outer space is mimic’ed on something so small as a humble garbage can planet Earth. I take NASA photos of nebulas, print them out onto […]

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a whole lotta stanley cups

500 million visualized

With the Stanley Cup in the news again as Chicago won its third Stanley Cup in six years, Chicago’s Adler Planetarium made an infographic revealing that 429,305,338 Stanley Cups stacked on top of one another would reach the Moon. What else is approximately 500 million? The population of North America is 476,028,165 people. America (320,970,000), […]

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